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    Love is at its peak when no effort is made to express it.
    It is not that you should not express it sometimes- otherwise you may burst! There is beauty in not expressing it completely.
    In that secretiveness and the unveiling of Love, there is knowledge, there is opening, there is joy, and there is beauty.
    That is a Divine quality. Intellect has its place and poetry has its place.
    Both make life fuller.
    That is beauty!

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    I search with my heart
    for that one true love,
    escaping me daily
    Looking to angels for help from above,

    My princess is out there
    Searching for me too,
    one day we will meet
    unexpected and true,

    Love will surround us
    in an invisible shield,
    Then forever we will dance
    with butterflies and flowers in an ever blooming field

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    Both of them are nice
    Please Don't Forget To Appreciate Our Work!!
    FilmiTown Rocks!!!

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