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    rozy Guest

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    When you are angry at yourself,
    you get angry with others also.
    When you are angry at others you get angry at yourself for getting angry
    This is like a pendulum.
    We have to stop this.
    Itís ok if you get angry. Donít get angry because you got angry.
    Sometimes you feel good, sometimes you feel bad.
    Life is like a jungle. Thorns are also there, flowers are also there, fruits, peacocks, deer, lions, tigers everything is there.
    Just be natural, easy and relax.
    Take things as they come and move forward.
    Donít get stuck in a place.
    Don't hold on to your anger .....let it go!!!

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    let it go? after doing the damage?

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    rozy Guest

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    Anger comes where there is a bond, when people take each other for granted It happens sometimes.The more you hold on to it , the more distance you create so it says " Do not try to find intentions behind others mistakes" and yeah still let it go and be natural keep smiling !!!

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    i'm very much angry on you after this

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