Sacrifice is often regarded as the other name of ‘patriotism’ where you become blind in love with your motherland.

“Sajda: Tere Pyar Mein” speaks a story where two youngsters stand on the edge of a cliff letting their true love go by for the sake of the country. The serial premiers on the Valentine Day on “Star Plus” at the 10pm time slot. The show expresses a strong bond between two hearts bubbling with love for each other and on the other hand, zeal of patriotism that makes them forget everything and name their love ‘sacrifice’.

“Sajda: Tere Pyar Mein” features Debolina Chaterjiee as Aaliya and Shaleen Bhanot as Ranveer. Aaliya happens to be a young college student coming from a modern Muslim family and Ranveer is a RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) agent belonging to India’s external intelligence agency. Ranveer approaches Aaliya in order to seek her help in catching a spy by the name of Mahendra Pratap. Aaliya sacrifices everything for her love towards Ranveer and finally finds herself in a situation where she has to choose between her love and her country.

The show is produced by Ravi Ojha Productions gifting the audience yet again, a sensational package of entertainment. The flick is sure to strike a chord in everyone’s heart, putting forth an ideal example of love and sacrifice.