Video Update : 18 July 2012 Saath Nibhana Saathiya Video

Parag completes the painting work and leaves from study room. Rashi comes to the study room for jigar with lemon water. There she finds the sketch work which parag has made. She feels jealous about gopi that she may get all the appreciation about this sketch as she has given the idea to ahem to take help of parag as he is well expert in painting. Rashi imagines the situation that every one praising gopi and her baby. While placing the sketch angrily on table lemon water glass spills on the sketch. She gets worried and tries to wipe all the water on the sketch. The sketch colors get mixed and the painting gets wasted. Rashi gets nervous and runs away from there.

All finish up their breakfast and ask parag to bring the sketch. Everyone will be waiting for parag. Rashi gets nervous. Parag comes sadly with the sketch. He tells the sketch got wasted. All get shocked. Parag shows the painting. Parag says he has kept the sketch in the study room and came. Rashi says may be because of rain it got wasted. Koki says yesterday there was no rain yesterday. But chirag yells, “You should have taken care of the sketch parag”. Chirag scolds ahem “before giving parag this work you should have asked me. Before giving any work to parag you should ask me. Now what we should we show the client. We have only 2 hours in hand”. Ahem consoles chirag. But chirag yells at him “it’s a 5 crore project and we lost it. We shall go and bring the client home. Come on”. Ahem, jigar feel bad for parag and leave.

Parag feels bad that he should have taken care of the sketch. All the ladies feel bad. Parag leaves. Jigna says because of rain this cant happen. Koki also doubts that some thing has happen. She finds rashi nervous. All leave. Rashi gets nervous that koki has doubt on her.

Rashi calls urmi and tells the situation. Urmi scolds rashi. Rashi says urmi that yesterday night she has told jigar that there were no lemons at home so she couldn’t make lemon juice for him. And that’s why no one got doubt. Rashi asks to help her. Urmi says to clean up all the mistakes she has done in the night. Rashi hangs on and goes upstairs. Rashi finds koki walking towards the study room. Gopi stops koki and says she has some important work with her. Koki walks away with gopi. Rashi rushes to the study room. Gopi says koki, we can find out how it has happened. But it is not the solution. I guess in 2 hours everyone will come back. In this time we shall ask papa ji to make the sketch once again. If you encourage him, he can definitely do this”.

Rashi goes to study room and finds the entire floor has become sticky because of lemon water. She goes out. Gopi comes to koki’s room. gopi says parag is coming. So both start acting, Koki will be explaining how to make the sketch to gopi. But gopi says she couldn’t do it. Parag comes there and asks what you both doing? Gopi replies we were trying to make the sketch again but I am unable to do. Parag will be guiding gopi to draw again. Koki asks parag to prepare the sketch by himself as he has done yesterday. And Ahem and chirag needs the sketch urgently. Parag agrees. Parag gets worried that there is only 1.5 hours remaining. Gopi says you can do it papa ji.
Jigna will be reading newspaper and finds samyuktha is arranging combined marriages. She feels happy that samyuktha is her friend and she is doing all good work. Jigna calls samyuktha. She invites modi family for aniketh’s engagement.