Video Update : 17 July 2012 Saath Nibhana Saathiya Video

This episode (17th July 2012) begins with Gopi telling Ahem that Kokila is very upset. Ahem blames that his mother Kokila is sad because of his father Parag. Ahem cribs at Parag for never understanding Kokila.

Parag clears Ahem that Kokila never understand their married relationship. Ahem feels guilty and tells Gopi that it was Kokila’s fault and not Parag.

Gopi feels bad to see sadness between Kokila and Parag’s life and Ahem consoles her.

Urmila taunts at Kokila saying about her wedding anniversary which was spoiled. Gopi supports Kokila and Rashi sends Urmila out of the house. Ahem and Jiger is upset by thinking about the business sketch plan which was not done yet.

Gopi suggests that Parag can make the sketch and Jigar agrees with her. Ahem and Jiger request Parag for helping them. Parag agrees to this.

Ahem asks Parag that why he never told him about his painting skill. Parag tells Ahem that he never asked him.