Video Update :12 July 2012 Saath Nibhana Saathiya Video

This episode (12th July 2012) begins with Ba praising Ahemís father poetry to Jigna but Kokila gets upset on hearing this.

Gopi, Ahem, Jigna, Rashi and Jigar make a secret plan to give surprise to Kokila and Parag on their wedding anniversary.

Ba divides the work for wedding arrangement to all family members.

Jigna says that if Kokila asks about the preparations, then we will tell lies. Gopi refuses to tell lies, so Ba tries to convince her by telling lord Krishnaís story.

Urmila gives advice to Rashi to pretend as if she wants to become a mother. Rashi pretends as whatever Urmila told and Hetal gets broke down on hearing Rashiís words.

Hetal tells Ba and Jigna that Rashi eagerly wants to be a mother, so they will not force her to do the work.

Gopi collects Hetal, Paragís wedding pics and gets shocked to see Kokila in her room.