Video Update : 11 July 2012 Saath Nibhana Saathiya Video

Part 1

Aham is in kitchen and is looking for vessel to make tea..and after looking here and there, he call gopi who is sitting in her bed and she ask whether she need to come down to make tea and aham says no..he can do it but he doesn't know where is the vessel and gopi says its in the drawer of table and aham took out it and he says i know how to make tea but don't know your much sugar and how much water..and gopi says by smiling one cup water, one teaspoon tealeaves and milk..and aham ask milk and she ask him to look in fridge and he put all things and bring a cup of tea...Embarrassed and when gopi sips, he is worried and he ask how is the tea and gopi, her eyes twinkling with tears of happiness, says very good and aham is happy..He ask i have said the thing to you now you haven't replied..and gopi just look at him and put the cup on the table and just stammer and aham says okey..lets sleep and he put off the lights and gopi is smiling...LOL

Part 2

Rashi coming from outside and she is on phone and urmila is asking her to make a drama in front of family regarding her becoming a mother and gets the support of the members...Confused and rahsi looks up and saw hetal and kokila coming down for pooja and she says to mummy that she is going to do that and she hurriedly goes to temple and started saying, kanhajee, you always heard gopi and what about me? even though i don't always say kanhajee, i also want to be like her..i also want my lap to get filled in..{all family members are there except chirag...} i also want to become a mother...{somebody please tell her by praying only, it can't be done...ROFL} hetal calls her from behind and rashi ask oh..when have you come down and baa ask you also want to become mother and rashi shyly looks down..and jigar is looking at rashi...LOL Hetal says rahsidikra, don't worry. till you got your own child, you can play with gopi's child..after all you have got two relation with him...kakijee and maasijee..(don't know the english) and baa sasy if you pray with a pure mind, your prayers will be heard...and kokila ask her do you seriously prepare to be a mother mentally and she shakes her head...and baa ask jigar and rashi to do pooja together..{does that makes one mother..Confused} and jigar while holding pooja taali(plate) says to rashi, i haven't known you madly want to become a mother..and rashi looks down and after aarti, while gopi gave everyone prasad, aham says i have asked you something a t night you haven't replied and gopi says what ? and he says going to office

Part 3

Jigna make parag to go with her and she says there's a surprise for him and paraga saw that she is holding something behind her back and he ask what's that and jigna says tomorrow is your anniversary..parag looks at her..and says anniversary is a big thing for everyone but for me, its like any other day..but show me what you are hiding and jigan show him am magazine and says page number 13 and parag saw his poem published there..he is very happy and he says my poem how you got it and jigna says i know jeejajee but i have showed this to everyone in the house..and i want some thing from you and parag says anything..
Gopi is walking downstairs talking over phone to aham and is saying, she had taken the medicine and aham is asking and what about the and gopi says baa, maaji and kaakijee all are fine and aham says about the last night thing and she says ahamjee, i...i ..and aham says yes..go on..and she says know ..i ..and i also..and aham is urging her and she switches off the phone and aham looks at phoneROFL
Ladies are sitting outside the temple and is doing something and jigna is looking the video of everyone..and rashi sasy gopi, you will be feeling to eat soem salty right..i also want to be like that and hetal and kokila looks at her and jigna says how sweet..and hetal says jigna, you have done that and jigan says talent is somehting which can never be hide from em and baa says yes, parag never want to study..he always writes ad kokila is looking here and there..LOL and ask what are you talking about and hetal says, parag bhai's poem about aham and gopi;s baby has published on magazine..and she says all credit goes to jigna and parag comes there saying jigan i need that magazine..someone have called and jigna says you have promised me that you will do whatever i ask for and he says yes and she says, please promise that you will never stop writing...and he looks at kokila Shocked and he promises...and kokila is looking at them,..

Precap - Gopi asking aham that tomorrow is papa-mama anniversary..what can we do for them? And aham says we will buy something for mom and gopi ask what about papajee and aham murmurs..for papa...what to do and jigan says from the door , "do that what I have asked you" and aham looks at her..