Episode starts

At the mandir a small boy with is tiffin box he looks hungry n gopi looks at him n smiles aham is busy with paying the priest he tells gopi that his mother is away n does not have food, so
gopi gives a ladoo to a boy n its a cute conversation between them the boy tells her didnt her mother give her food for school she tells him she never went to school he tells her she is lucky as she was at home she said no i get up early in the morning n pray he asks what did she pray for she tells him for home suk n shanti. Aham is listening to convo he admires gopi. Aham then leaves tells jigar shall meet them in car, rashi wants to leave n jigar tells her she wanted to to puja so why leave it know she is angry n thinks how will i do my kalakari. Gopi looks round to see where aham is n sees him leaving n she follows.
at cm kinjal in kitchen n hears urmilla telling somebody to open it n then she walks out n sees urmilla with a box kinjal ask urmilla what is it urmilla tells the delivery boys to open n take it towards her bedroom she is grinning kinjal looking confused

precap same as last night

at cm urmilla has a portable ac in her room n kinjal walks in n says faye you should get one for my room, n urmilla says she only got it for her room.

Gopi n aham by the car n gopi starts to do puja by the car aham looks jigar n rashi come rashi looks anoyed n gopi says a pray aham looks at her, Gopi tries to make small talk she asks a question gopi asks to put a tika on something then gopi tries to open door n cant n aham helps her n opens its for her a lala moment n gopi puts ticker on ganesh ji in the car. everyone looks on n then rashi in self thought what shall i do then she goes towards the shoes n says she is getting a mala jigar says she will get it but she insists n runs off.
kinjal comes to urmilas room she is happy in ac room kinjal tells her we have called someone to see about your health, she has called doctor, so urmila is panicking n good scene with urmilla n kinjal comical scene. the doctor tells her she should not be working n kinjals adds fuel to fire n gets the doctor to give a injection urmilla is panicking kinjal looking smugLOL urmila sad about to cry
precap as before

At the mandir rashi she is thinking of what she has to do to keep goham apart, she goes to the lady n asks her for cow dung she asks for payment, rashi vexed n tells her you were about to throw it away she said so you still have to pay for it, then rashi does she takes off gopis shoes n puts cow dung on them Angry jigar comes n says to rashi what are you doing ? she tells her she was getting a mala. Gopi n aham at car gopi still doing puja, rashi n jigar arrive n jigar saying how cute goham look together we shall leave them toegther jigar tells aham to go as he n rashi want to spend time at the mandir. but rashi says you have to goto work we must go . they all get in, rashi asks gopi to put on ac then starts to say about smell everyone is trying to figure it out n rashi is saying its smells like cow dung, then everyone looks n aham notices gopis shoes n rashi starts her bad mouthing aham drives the car like a mad man n gets home, Gopi is upset.
Aham gets out of the car n rashi n jigar n then kokila n hetal also come running out the precap from yesterday, kokila asks aham what happened, why are asking me ask her i cant even take this car to the office n tells jigar to leave they leave. kokila asks gopi whats wrong n rashi replies n tells her that gopi put cow dung in the car, thats why aham is angry kokila looks at gopi then at rashi she knows its rashi kalakari.
Dhawal comes to the office n someone asks he has come here to work, then sees the manager n asks him where he should sit dhawal says i will sit where you will tell me where to sit, the manager takes him to his cabin dhawal is shocked n sits down. Jigar n aham walk into the office jigar leaves to go on site aham asks someone wheres the manager he tells him then goes to see him, aham is shocked to see manager n dhwal together,n aham greets him n asks what he is doing there dhawal says that chirag kaka gave him a job, n what should he do aham is shocked he tells dhawal if kaka has given you a job then he shall tell you what to do, then he looks at manager n tells him that this is a office n keep it as a office not afamily get together is that understood n leaves, aham in his office n opens phone bill which is 80000 rupees aham checks the bill n says i have only made 2 calls n whos number is this, ahams goes n then he phone n on the otherside urmilla picks up n she says to rashi tell me what you have done in that house to cause trouble aham is shocked and listens as now he knows gopi is innocent Big smile
precap Gopi sees rashi doing something on the gulab jaman n is shocked