Urmila depressed.Rashi tells Mummy That Kagdi.Jigar comes out of the Bathroom.Jigar tells Rashi lets go and Eat.Rashi tells I am Feeling Tired So I won't come.Jigar Asks Urmila to come.So Urmila tells Now Rashi is tired because of the Trip..But My Hands and Legs Are like Broken So i'll rest for Sometime.Hetal comes there And tells Its Okay But down Everybody are Hungry.But If u want to Relax Then I'll send the Food On Top.Rashi and Urmila tell No We will Come down..Hetal and Jigar exit..Rashi starts Cribbing..My Shopping Its All gone..Now what Should I do..She tells U at-least Will go Home But Me..Now Let it Be I have already fallen Down in Koki and Hetal Maa's Sight Now i'll become Proper

Here All are Having their Dinner..Hetal Tells Gopi..Gopi U have also Come tired U also Sit and Eat We will Help Our Self! Gopi Tells Okay..She takes her Food and Starts Eating! Hetal Asks Rashi to Eat..She tells I am yet in Switzerland So Now I have brought this thing From there..Let Me Eat this With Bread..She goes In..Jigar Starts Complimenting Hetal By telling Everything was there In Swiss Except,this Tasty Food..I missed Ur food so much..Hetal Smiles..Rashi comes with Bread Slices..Ahem Also Compliments Hetal and Kokila..Kokila doesn't say Anything and Tells She has done with food and Leaves...Gopi also Goes behind her Saying..I'll make Tea for Maa Ji and Take..Rashi eats the Swiss Cheese with Bread And makes a Funny Face! She asks for Some Curry..So Jigar asks Why Have u come from Swiss to Modi Bhavan..She becomes Sad and tells I am not Hungry..and Is all ready to Leave! Urmila tells she will sort her Stuff and Goes with her..Hetal tells why u alway Irritate her.

Gopi comes with a Cup of Tea..Kokila is thinking About What Gopi told that It was Ahem who told her to Get down the Train..Gopi tells I have brought for u this Tea..U drink it till then I'll sort the Clothes.Ahem is at the Door

Gopi looks at Ahem and Moves Out..Ahem Asks Kokila,Maa from when We have returned U are quite U know I don't like it..Tell me why are u Quite..

Kokila tells I am not Quite I am Thinking I am Questioning My Self..I don't think that U are My Son I can't see My Shadow on U..Ahem Asks What did I do To A-shame U..She Ask Just to Keep Gopi far from u. U left her In That Country How Did u do that There is Something Known As Humanity But U..What would Gopi Do there.did u ever think.Ahem tells I was in lot of tension about My Work That is Why..But 1 thing I can say I didn't leave her Purposely..She continues.How can U be so Hard at Someone.Kokila tells If u don't like ur Marriage U have to give a punishment to Me not to Gopi..

Ahem Turns and Looks At Kokila..He is Shocked..

Ahem asks Mom What are u Saying..Kokila tells I am telling the Truth..If u want someone to Leave u Leave Me...He says No Maa..She tells Gopi who is ur Wife and Who stands by u always..But U..And u know what..the Hurt u have given Gopi is hurted Me..Kokila leaves Ahem Is looking at her tries to stop her

Gopi is Removing Stuff from the Bag..She see's Ahem Gets Up. tries to put her Saaree pallu..but drops a Perfume Bottle..She tells I am Sorry I will Clean It..She is about to Walk ahead He tells Wait..He is Walking towards her..she Walks ahead He tells Wait..Can't u see Glass pieces Below U do ur Work..I came to take my Laptop and File He goes..She is shocked..And says Ahem Didn't shout at me nor he told me anything..

Here Rashi tells Oh God..I just Hate Kagdi..She came like a robber stole everything and went..Now I just have few Chocolates..and my perfume...She searches it She calls Urmila and asks her She tells The Perfume U brought for me also Kagdi took..Rashi tells She must have only Taken it..Now i'll shout at Jigar..Urmila tells her No need U tell Jigar I want to give some Gifts to my Frds..And Remove Money from His Pocket..She tells Okay!

Here Gopi Is cleaning the Glass Bottle Broken..Kokila comes and Asks Whats this..She tells I dropped this By Mistake...But Ahem Ji didn't shout at me..But i think he is angry..Kokila tells Leave all that..And tell me Where is Ahem because there was call for him From the office he isn't answering the Phone also..She tells He just Left

Here Rashi is waiting for Jigar..Jigar comes and Asks For the Camera...Rashi asks For some Money..Jigar Removes and Gives her 200 Rs LOL..Rashi tells I need Some more Money 8 to 10 thousand..Actually u know what..the Stuff i brought for My relatives that Also Kaki ji took...He is Shocked He tells No Rashi u have already Spent Lot of Money and even I have hust 2 to 3 thousand I hope u understand...He leaves Rashi tells by God Mummy told It was easy to Empty Jigar's Pocket But now what to say..Uff..

Here Urmila..Comes in And tells I am Stuck between to Kagdi..Big one there and Small here..She see's Kinjal and Acts..Oh Kinjal..Kinjal takes her and makes her sit on the Sofa..Dhaval comes..Urmila tells her To bring Cold Water from the Neighbor..Kinjal goes...Urmila starts Hai Hai..Very Good I have u both..Other wise if u wouldn't be here Who would know i am dead or Alive..Dhaval says Now Keep Quite and Rest!

Ahem is doing some work..Kokila comes there and tells Tomorrow is ur First Day for that Project So I want u to Take Gopi in the Car and do Pooja at the temple..Ahem asks Is this Pooja Necessary She tells yes..and leaves!

Rashi calls Urmila and tells Hot News...Kokila has sent Gopi with Ahem in Ahem's new Car...Urmila says Hai Hai..Now come to the Point lets think how to keep some distance between them.Rashi is thinking!