Part 1
Epi starts Rashi, Jigar, Koki all take their seats, while Koki signals Gopi to come to her but Gopi does not move. Then Rashi asks Jigar to look at a girl how leather jacket that she is wearing does not suit her and it would have suited me better and how come all ladies are wearing western dresses. Koki scolds her for appreciating western dresses while she should have been feeling proud to represent her countries traditions. Then Jigar tells Koki about few business delegates who are in competition with Modi's for the contract. Then Rashi sees Aham's cell, takes it and goes to washroom to talk to Urmila.

Rashi calls Urmila and curses that trip is about to finish and she has not done the shopping yet. Urmila tells her that Dhawal will be leaving her house soon.

Business delegates calls for Aham's wife, Gopi comes forward folds her hands and wishes all "Jai Shree Krishna", and a lady among the delegates asks Aham its meaning, Aham says its a way of greeting. Lady smiles and says same to Gopi. Everyone asks all businessmen to come with their wives, Aham asks Jigar to call Rashi as she knows english while Gopi will say anything. Jigar leaves to bring Rashi. While Aham is worried.

Part 2
Urmila asks Rashi to take care of there as she will manage here also asks her to bring gifts for neighbors also. Rashi says ok and picks up something asks the shopkeeper "ye kitne ka hai" and then translates it in english after seeing her blank expressions. Jigar comes and scolds Rashi (long pending wish...Jigar scolded Rashi...everyone must have jumped with least I did...) why she is here when everyone is there and wives of all businessmen have been asked to share their views and leaves. Rashi talks to herself that she got a good opportunity to be in lime light as if Modis will get the contract due to her speech.

On the other hand Aham is telling Koki that i'll lose this contract just coz of Gopi as she does not know what to speak and how to (Maa ka dikra will remain the same..Cry..) . But Koki tries to calm Aham down saying nothing will go wrong. Then Aham is asked to come with his wife, then wife of one of the businessmen comes and thanks Mr. Thakkar for organizing this meeting in this way. Then Gopi is being asked to come and tell her views. Aham is worried and so is Gopi. Gopi goes to podium and is nervous, Mr. Thakkar asks her to tell about India and how she found Switzerland all in hindi.

Gopi starts her speech with bidding everyone "Jai Shree Krishna", Koki is worried also while aham looks angry.

Jigar and Rashi also reach the place and Rashi is about to go to stage but Jigar stops her saying "Leave it now, as it will not look good if u go now"

Part 3
Gopi continues her speech "first I want to say that ur country is very beautiful and people here are very nice, I felt great coming here. Yesterday I got lost on the railway station and even when people here do not understand my language and I dont understand their language still they helped me. There was a person who told me the path and I am so grateful to him telling him the way and I got my family while following his instructions. Also as these people have left a place in my heart we also have to create a place here also. Then starts singing "Saare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Humara"" everyone stands including Aham/Kokila. Everyone starts clapping.
Kokila scolds Rashi for not coming on time.

Mr. Thakkar stands and declares who got the contract. Says "I already had the proposals but I wanted to know the people with whom I'll have to do the business and today someones praise of their country won my heart and the contract is to be given to..." Kokila looks at Aham...Aham and Jigar Modi. Aham is happy and all are clapping. Then Aham thanked Mr. Thakkar but he tells that should be grateful to ur wife Gopi Modi, Jigar is all happy while Koki is proud as always and Rashi is sulking..(haha...i loved Rashi and Aham's expressions here...poor fellows...)

In india Hetal in kitchen and Urmila brings something, just then they hear something from out. And we see All Modis in front of Modi Bhawan.(I dont like it...yaar how come nothing more of switzerland...CVs are dumbos...we could have a gr8 chance of seeing Aham being nice and romancing to Gopi in Swizz but nope...hate u CVs..)

Hetal comes with Aarti ki thaali to welcome all. Urmila looks at one bag and asks Mani to take others while she will take that one hoping it will full of gifts. Rashi and Urmila are going inside but Koki taunts her saying "I know u want to meet ur daughter but she should pray to Kanha Ji"

All pray to Kanha Ji then Hetal asks Aham to give prasad to all. Aham gives it to everyone and stops after giving it to Koki then Koki looks at him and then Aham gives prasad to Gopi also. (awww Aham babu u have changed, Koki dint signal towards Gopi but u urself gave prasad to sweet...)

Chirag thanx Aham for bringing this big gift for Modi Empire. Hetal asks Aham whether Jigar helped u or not, Aham replies everyone did their job very well. Koki tells Aham that you should not forget Gopi's importance in this win, Hetal is amazed then Koki tells her how Gopi's true to heart nature won everyone's heart and also the project. Aham feels awkward. Jigar too praises Gopi that how she made all Indians proud by singing "Saare Jahan Se Achha". Urmila jumps to grab the praise says "I taught both my dikris all good things, and if Rashi would have got the chance she would have done something gr8 also". Kokila taunts her that "She would have done that only when she would have not thinking abt Shopping all the time". Hetal breaks the cold war and asks everyone to have food.

Urmila and Rashi in room, Urmila asks Rashi to show all shopping. Rashi cribs how she dint get enough time to shop and shows her all gifts. Urmila takes half of her shopping and Rashi is not happy with it. Just then Koki comes and tells "Jigar told her that Rashi has done shopping and it would be gr8 to give all these gifts from Switzerland to relatives"
Koki takes the gifts while Rashi and Urmila are just helpless. Finally Koki taunts Rashi that "in future if u get any opportuinity of shopping then first u should think abt ur family rather than just abt u and ur Mayka"

Camera freezes on a Sad and Shocked Rashi.

Koki scolds Aham abt leaving his wife in A Foreign country. Aham replies that he dint leave Gopi deliberately, he was just too occupied with work and tension so he could not take care of her. Then Koki said "If instead of Gopi, ur mother would have lost then also u must have done the same...isn't it."
Continues "If u are not happy with ur marriage and want to punish someone then u should punish ur mother"
(another rocking precap...we have to wait to watch how Aham gonna react after his mom's allegation.