Gopi is walking around..Ahem Searching for her..Both were opposite each other..But weren’t seeing..Ahem went on searching and Reaching the Telephone Booth..Calls Jigar..Kokila asks Did u find Gopi..He tells One man Saw her He gave me instructions i searched everywhere..But didn’t find here..Koki sits down and tells him to search She must be really Hungry and she does not have water also..Ahem tells Maybe I must have missed her..I must have not seen her.I’ll search again..Kokila tells Ok..Jigar tells Kokila not to Worry..Rashi tells Kokila Drink Water..Kokila said no need..Rashi tells Jigar U must write a complain to the Police..Jigar tells I have told them..And they are also searching for her..Ahem tells Oh God What did i do..Its all because of me..he runs to search Ahem Gopi is ahead and then Ahem is just behind Him..She is worried..She picks her Bag and goes from there..Jigar Goes and Asks the Police..About Gopi..And all are searching for her..On the Other hand..Urmila is asking Dhaval where are u going dressed so smartly..She tell Ahh Going to sell Oil Bottles..He says No..I am going for my new Job..She tells What..He tells U know who gave me this Work..Kinjals Kaka..Kinjal comes there..Urmila starts Crying and tells..How did u discuss all this without telling me..Now what will i do Have u ever thought what will ur Fui do without u..Kinjal comes there and tells..But Maa For how many days do we have to be here…Rashi also left the House..But she is talking to u daily na…So like that even i’ll call u and speak to u daily..Am i right Dhaval asks Kinjal..He shakes his head and tells Urmila that Kinjal thinks about her a lot..Urmila looks at Kinjal and Kinjal Smiling..
Kokila tells Oh Krishna Ji Plz keep my Gopi safe..Rashi going into a Shop…Kokila see’s and tells Rashi come on…Rashi tells I’ll search her inside..She tells i know u very well now come on..Ahem calls Jigar..Jigar asks About Gopi..Ahem tells him to give the Phone to Kokila…He tells Koki..that he didn’t find her..Kokila tells Don’t loose faith and Hope..Keep on searching Krishna Will definitely hear our Pray…Rashi tells Kokila to call up at home..Maybe she must have called Home..Kokila tells Gopi won’t trouble anyone.i know her very well and does she have any phone to call up home or Money Tell me..Ahem searching for Gopi..Gopi Finds little water and drinks that..Its Night..Gopi thinking Of Ahem..Ahem Searching her..Next morning…Gopi gets up..She was sleeping on the bench..While Walking she drops a red color cloth in which She had kept Krishna’s Idol..She moves On.Ahem searching for her
Gopi walking and sits on a bench..And is crying..She tells Krishna Ji..Plz help me to meet my Family…u always Held my hand..Please held my Ahems hand Today and cries..She gets up and Walks…Ahem searching for her..Gopi again goes and Sits down..Ahem Is walking The cloth that she dropped Was in front of him…Is flies in front of him..He see’s it and Runs..Gets down and See’s..Oh this Cloth This is Gopis Cloth..He Runs and screams GOOOPI Gopi hears It..She smiles..he screams again..she gets up Both are in srach for each other…Ahem is running..Gopi Picks her Bag and Is running..Insearch of Him…She Screams AHEMJI Ahem is searching..Ahem is walking..Gopi is just walking Behind her..Gopi Screams AHEMJI Ahem turns Back see’s Gopi..Gop smiles at ahem he Smiles Back..Both Running Towards each other..Gopi goes a hug ahem.Ahem catches her but leaves..TT in the BG..He tells Gopi Gopi comes Back..and is crying..Ahem gives his Hanky..He drops it..Both go down and A cute Eye-lock.Ahem tells Come On Worried..
Kinjal Asks Dhaval about the Advance..He tells he got the Money.He gets a call..from a credit card person..He tells him to Pay it 20th..He tells I want to give this Advance to That credit Card people They are calling again and Again…She tells no this is for the broker only..He tells Okay…Here Jigar is telling 1 night is Over.But no Ahem’s call..Rashi tells lets take a round of the Park..Kokila tells What are u doing…Gopi is lost in this foreign Country and u..Even if our neighbors are in troble We be scared..And she is Your Sister..Ahem calls Out Mom..Gopi comes from behind of Him..Gopi says Maa ji..and Hugs Kokila with tears in her eyes..Jigar tells u scared us..u don’t know How we spent our time..But Krishna Ji..u are safe..Rashi tells Even i was very Worried…And hugs her…She tells Give me your luggage..and lets take a round of this Park..and look at this Toy train we will go there..Kokila tells oh god this girl…Ahem tells let us leave Because tomorrow is a very good and Important Meeting…he tells day..Rashi tells Jigar..from when we have come here..We haven’t shopped well..Kokila asks Gopi u must have got scared na..She tells Yes..But Krishna was there With me..But u Know what Ma.there are very good tells there are very good people and also bad people in every country..Kokila tells but why did u get off the train..She tells Ahem told me and i listened..She is shocked..They are going In Cable Car..Ahem and Gopi sit in one car..Ahem is catching Gopis hand..Gopi asks What happened..He tells I get scared of heights..She tells don’t worry Krishna ji is with us…Just think of him..They leave..Ahem tells Please don’t create any problem here..U Are here but think that u aren’t here..Gopi sits down..And tells I have troubled him a lot..Yesterday he prays to Krishna Saying Please help Ahem to Get the Contract..Please..
A Lady Asks Gopi to sit Here.Gopi is confused..Kokila gives ishara and tells to sit.A Man Asks How are u today she is confused..Rashi tells I don’t care about Gopi..But this time contract is gone from our Hands..Ahem is worried!