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    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 5th may 2011 written update

    >Kokila tells Gopi is u are getting scared in Sitting on the Sledge U come there..Come.Rashi tells that Kagdi(Koki) will be having fun..and i am not going to die..I will also go..Gopi Is getting scared To go on a ride..Kokila tells her listen to me..They go down the Ride…Rashi comes A throws Snow on Jigar..Jigar Runs Behind her..and Becomes Romantic..BG Music: Suraj hua Maddham.Jigar Staring at Rashi…Comes slowly to Kiss her..But Rashi pushes him..He comes out of his Dream..All 5 Are walking..Rashi angry with Jigar.Jigar Asking Rashi to Listen to him..Kokila tells Gopi to keep her things in Ahems room..Ahem Says No..I have to do Important Work..So Kokila tells Okay! He coughs..Kokila asks ahem weather he is Okay..He tells No..Little Sore throat it will become ok soon..Ahem doing his Work..He is coughing..Gopi turns.She see’s Kokila..and tells her I am going to bring some Medicines for Ahemji because he is coughing..Kokila tells No Need Take this Kada And give it to him..She goes to Ahem Gives it to Him Telling that she Made it..He tells My Life has become more Bitter when u entered my life..Kokila turns and Hears this..Ahem continues by saying..This Kada is useful But U..U aren’t useful in anything..Kokila hears all this Is is worried..Gopi looking at Ahem With Tears in her eyes
    PART 2
    Next Morning..Kokila asking Ahem weather U put All the Things..Jigar comes and tells Ahem That he has sough-ted all the formalities..Kokila asks Where are we going..Jigar tells Logan its a very beautiful Place..Rashi tells Oh yes and there are beautiful Malls Also.She looks at Kokila..Gopi Comes there..Rashi goes to her and Says I had to take this before only now give this to me..Kokila tells No let it be..U give me this Purse..See last time how u Got tired..Rashi tells nothing will happen now.Kokila asks Gopi Why have u Caught this Krishna’s Idol..Oh god Now i’ll not Take care of this Idiot..I am almost dead Listening to her..Rashi shocked..All sit in the Van Ahem asks Gopi can’t u walk fast..Ahem comes there and Takes the luggage..In the Van Kokila thinking I just Hope Gopi sits Side of Ahem..Gopi asks Help for getting in the Van..and Goes and sits side of Ahem..Kokila smiles.Ahem asks Kokila weather she is sitting properly..She reply’s ok..On the other hand..Kinjal tells Dhaval to take this 2BHK for Rent..He says..But today first time i am going for Work..She says ask Kaka(Chirag) For some loan..He says that won’t be good..She says..What was good When u like an Idiot..Were Selling Oil Bottles.Tell me..He says Ok Kinjal.and goes to work..Kinjal telling Is Mom was there She would Fill his Brain’s..Very good she Isn’t her!
    PART 3
    Ahem tells Kokila to go..he’ll come..All of them leave..Gopi asks Rashi where is Krishna’s Idol..She says i gave it to u..Gopi denies it..Kokila tells It must be in the Van go and Get it…She goes there..Ahem asks what happened Why are u following me everywhere..He tells Krishna’s Idol in in the Van..Ahem removes the Idol..Here Rashi is telling this is such a nice train..Ahem Gets Angry on Gopi and tells them to come fast..Kokila shouting at Rashi for not being Responsible…The Train Leaves.Kokila is worried..Jigar tells that i’ll check weather they are in some Other compartment…Ahem tells Gopi its just because of u..All this happened..In India also this things haven’t happened…Ahem see’s the TC..and is scared..And thinks oh god..the Ticket is with Mom..Kokila remembers the ticket is with her..Rashi tells I have seen in movies those u don’t have a ticket are sent to Jail..Kokila gets angry…The TC asks The ticket from Ahem..Gopi is praying so that all things so well..He tells that I don’t have the tickets right now..and my mom has the Ticket…I have forgotten the seat no. also..The TC says No i don’t trust u..He see’s Gopi with Krishna’s Idol and Ask weather they are from India..And weather they trust Lord Krishna..Ahem says yes..The TC tells that he too is a believer of Krishna…and shows a locket..and tells them don’t worry u get down on the next station And take ur Compartment.Gopi is smiling..Ahem tells that he is going to search Mom..and Others..Gopi asks what should i do when the station comes..Ahem tells get down..Ahem finds Koki and others..Gopi gets down at the Station the train moves..Kokila starts to Panic..Ahem thinks I only told her to get down..Gopi asks a person for instructions.Kokila and the others get down the Train…They are walking Rashi starts Telling from when Gopi has come all this problems have started.Ahem starts telling She is telling the truth…Just because of that Lady…Kokila shouts at Ahem and tells though u don’t love her she prays everyday for u…She keeps Fast for u..and U…Now I order u go and find Gopi..Ahem tells ok and gives the phone to Jigar..and tells him to Keep it with him so that he can call them up..Ahem goes and asks the person who gopi asked instructions weather he has seen a Gopi..He describes her..and thanks that Person..Ahem is searching for Gopi and Gopi is searching for Everybody
    Ahem tells Kokila that he Asked the person That saw Gopi and i Searched her Everywhere but didn’t find her.Kokila is worried and sits on a bench..Ahem tells Oh God What did i do..this happened all because of me
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