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Thread: Rishton Se Badi Pratha *New Promo* | Starts 15th NOVEMBER 2010

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    Rishton Se Badi Pratha *NEW PROMO* - Starts 15 NOVEMBER 2010

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    Rishton Se Badi Pratha - this is a story that revolves around 2 innocent souls (Abhay & Surbhi) passionately in love, where their love becomes the eye of the storm with the brute power dynamics, corrupt and of customs that have gone wrong, of notions perceived and interpreted to suit the ego of the male dominated society- where a woman has no right to choose a companion for herself.

    And if she dares to that, its not just the girl who faces the wrath of the society and her own family,
    but even the guy is killed in the name of the so called Honour.

    The story will revolve around the lead actors’ Vishal Karwal (Colors' Bhagyavidhata)and Shalini Chandran's families. Vishal is the youngest of three brothers and one sister. All his siblings are married except him. His eldest brother does not have any kids where else his second brother has one child. This is also one of the issues in the family. Their sister is married to Shalini's brother.

    As the story moves further Vishal will finally fall in love with Shalini thus leading to some dramatic
    events.Zeb Khan is playing Vishal's eldest brother, Nimay Bali their father and Fazal Raza plays Shalini Chandran's brother and Seema Pandey, her mother.

    Rishton Se Badi Pratha on Colors TV Serial mainly started to give message against increasing number of cases of Honor Killings in India.It might give some Message to Khap Panchayats and Honor Killers, that relations are more then Honor.

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