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Thread: Pyaar Mein Twist New Show Promo Starts 29th Jan

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    Talking Pyaar Mein Twist New Show Promo Starts 29th Jan

    Pyaar Mein Twist New Show Promo - Starts 29th Jan, Sat - Sun 10 PM


    Jodiyan upar banti hai is true, Par Uparwala jodiyan banata hai aur nichewale todte hai!
    Our comedy is about a lovely “made for each other” couple – who love each other a lot but end up fighting with each other because of others. They want to live life happily but sadness is what is poured by the world. Woh hansna chate hai lekin duniya unhe rulaana chahti hai, wo zindagi bhar saath nibhana chahate hai lekin Duniya unki Jodi todna chahti hai.

    Our simple, sincere, innocent, generous hero, Amole Desai is a replica of Amole Palekar. He works in a small firm. Amole shares his house with two other roommates on rental basis. Like his daily routine, one evening Amole was returning back to his home from work on his second hand scooter when he noticed a building on fire and hears screams for help. Amole immediately goes to the rescue without a second thought. But when he enters the premises he notices, a fat lady was shouting for help and near her a beautiful young girl was lying unconscious. Amole tried to help the fat lady by lifting her but could not even move her. Not knowing what to do? Suddenly he notices a window and advises the lady to jump from the window. He carries the girl on his shoulders and brings her out of the fire.

    The girl is Rekha. She is a rich, beautiful and a movie buff but of whimsical nature and got attracted towards the heroic act of Amole. As soon as she regains consciousness she links the entire situation with Nargis and Sunil Dutt, as Nargis had married Sunil Dutt after he saved her life from a fire while shooting for Mother India and the history repeats. They instantly get married by taking the phera’s around the huge fire, while taking phera’s they introduce themselves to each other. As soon as they complete the phera’s they hear a THUD! Its Charulata, Rekha’s mother who has somehow managed to jump from the window to save her life. She has fallen on the mattress but has hurt her leg badly. The couple goes to her and asks for her blessings, Charulata is shocked to see Rekha and Amole together as a married couple!

    This is how the funny married life of our lovely couple begins...

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