Powder had created some noise when it was launched with four other shows by YRF TV on Sony. Apparently, the show is coming to an end on June 25 with an edge-of-the-seat climax. As pre-decided by YRF, the show would go off air after the completion of 26 episodes.

According to our sources, “Powder would have a very shocking climax. Allegedly, one of the cops from the narcotics bureau (NCB) would be unmasked as the mastermind behind all the problems since its onset.” The source adds, “The senior-most officer in NCB, Usmaan Ali Malik, played by Manish Chaudhari might lose his life in the end.”

When we spoke to the lead protagonists Manish Chaudhari and Rahul Bagga (Mahendra Ranade) along with Pankaj Tripathi (Naved Ahmed Ansari) about the same they said, “There are a lot of questions that will be answered in the climax. Will Ansari be caught? Will he kill the cop in the end? Or will the cop kill him?” Chaudhari added, “You could say that the climax is predictable but only to a certain point.” Whereas, Bagga says, “The climax is not out of the box but it has a twist!”