Video Update : 12 July 2012 Parvarrish Video

The kids are bored at the village. The villager kids without asking permission take Rocky's PSP and play with it. Rocky shouts at them. So Lucky takes them to see the natural beauty. Jeet comes back with Sweety Pinky. Pinky asks him to take care of his Leg as he spraint it. The kids come back after the journey and say with a boring face that they had fun. Jeet is happy that he needs not go out as he has got hurt. He recognizes few people there and tries to hide. Charan catches him and they have a bit of argue and fight. Raavi see's this and reports it to Pinky. Jeet ends the fight saying Charan not to take panga with him. Pinky-Jeet give Raavi an excuse and get out of her questions. One for the village boy asks Sunny to give him the PSP to play and he will complete the game and if he completes the game he will be allowed to play for 10 mins more. Sunny allows him but when he wins Sunny tells that he doesn't want to give as he hadn't agreed with it. He gets angry. Later, Rocky asks those villager boys whether does any socket work as he wants to charge his battery. One boy tells have u seen a Chudail? (witch) They are scared and want to see the witch. The boy tells that u will have to give me the PSP then. They agree. They go out with their raincoats and reach that place. A boy and a girl (children of the owner of the resort) begin to play a prank on the kids. The girl acts like a witch running here and there whereas the other kid makes different noises. The kids get so scared that they run in different directions. Ginny turns and see's Sunny getting dragged by someone and screams 'SUNNY' All the kids turn behind one by one and are shocked.

Raavi and Raashi asks Sunny what happened to Sunny. Ginny tells that the witch dragged him away. Rocky and the rest are shocked.