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Thread: An Introduction to FT User Titles

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    Default An Introduction to FT User Titles

    User titles are the descriptions of a user that are displayed under his or her username in a post. These titles will often refer as:

    * The userís amount of activity on the board (FT Struggler, FT Spot Boy).
    * The userís relationship to the board (Administrator, Moderator).

    We have selected the titles related to movies. They are: FT Struggler, FT Spot Boy, FT Assistant, FT Lead Actor, FT Director, FT Badshah, FT Deewana.

    Your user title is based on number of posts you make.

    Below is the break-up of minimum post required for each user title:

    User Title
    FT Struggler ----> 0 posts
    FT Spot Boy ----> 50 posts
    FT Assistant ----> 150 posts
    FT Lead Actor --> 500 posts
    FT Director -----> 1000 posts
    FT Badshah -----> 2000 posts
    FT Deewana ----> 3500 posts
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