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Thread: FT is looking for Mods

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    Default FT is looking for Mods

    Hello to all FT members,

    How you can join the FilmiTown Team?

    The following is the main criteria:

    1. You must always be polite to your co - members.
    2. You must practice the Gandhian principle that if someone slaps you on one cheek, you offer the other. Therefore, if someone is offensive, you must be polite and courteous. Everything can be solved with patience and maturity.
    3. Your conduct must be exemplary and outstanding.
    4. You cannot have any warnings against yourself. If you have been warned even once, then you become automatically disqualified from being part of the Development Team.
    5. You must be available. You can't join the Team and go on a 5-year vacation.
    6. You must NOT be a spammer!!
    7. We are looking for maturity and the ability to handle responsibility.
    8. We are looking for creativity - someone who can take on a section and make it active with contests, interesting topics, etc.

    Other Helpful Information:

    What can you get a warning for?

    1. Posting external links, pictures/videos/articles from external forums (that contain external links).
    2. Advertising - other sites, forums, etc.
    3. Bashing other members, FT Team Members, Celebrities.
    4. Using inappropriate language. There is ZERO tolerance for profanity.
    5. Posting inappropriate pictures, videos, articles.
    6. Posting one-liners is Spamming. Examples: "Thank you", "Thanks for posting", "tfs", "hey sup?", etc. One PM warning will be given. If you fail to listen, then Warning Level will be increased.
    7. Repeatedly posting "Where is today's update/video?" topics.
    8. Instigating members, making topics a war ground.
    9. Arguing and fighting instead of healthy discussions.

    What can I do to be considered for the position?

    1. Getting permission from Mods for creating Discussion/Topic/Contest of the week.
    2. Providing insightful comments and arguments in discussion topics. Paying more attention on discussing rather than fighting/arguing.
    3. Trying to stop fights/meaningless arguments between members.
    4. Reporting posts that need to be closed/trashed to section Mods or GM's.

    If you believe you can do it, contact me here

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