Bigg Boss To Be Replaced By Phulwa And Mukti Bandhan On Colors

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Mukti Bandhan is the story of an ordinary man, I.M. Virani with an extraordinary sense for business who comes out victorious but only with the support of his wife, Charulata Virani. She stands by her husband like a rock without questioning his judgement yet guiding him throughout his life. Termed as the fourth biggest industrialist of India, I.M. Virani is threatened of his position by an ambitious woman, Devki who is considered to be the next I.M. Virani! This is the first time; COLORS will be donning the Gujarati Culture through Mukti Bandhan for its viewers. Adapted from Shri. Harkishen Mehta’s famous gujrati novel, ‘Mukti Bandhan’ is presented by Shobhana Desai’s Production Pvt Ltd.

Shobhana Desai of Shobhana Desai Production Pvt Ltd producing Mukti Bandhan said “Mukti Bandhan will resonate with every person who wants to achieve great success in life or has already attained success through great hardwork. Although not a virgin territory, this is the first time; COLORS will showcase a tale of an Urban Gujarati family with multi-layered tracks essayed through distinguished theatre artists. Viewers will witness grandeur and the lavish lifestyle true to a affluent business class family of Mumbai.”

After the tremendous success of Bigg Boss Season 4, COLORS is all set to launch two spectacularly diverse shows in the 9 – 10 pm primetime slot. ‘Phulwa’ and ‘Mukti Bandhan’ will take the viewers to two extreme worlds with stories that pan out from one end of the spectrum to another – an eleven year old playful girl living in the ravines of Chambal to the plush lifestyle of an egoistic top-rung fifty something businessman in Mumbai. Come this New Year, audiences will witness two clutter-breaking journeys in 60 minutes. Launching January 10, 2011, Monday – Thursday are two shows bringing in amazing variety in the primetime line-up with Phulwa at 9.00 pm followed by Mukti Bandhan at 9.30 pm.