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Thread: Marathi Natak | Dr Ambedkar Aani Gandhiji | HQ Video | Watch Online YouTube

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    Default Marathi Natak | Dr Ambedkar Aani Gandhiji | HQ Video | Watch Online YouTube

    Dr Ambedkar Aani Gandhiji Marathi Natak

    Suryakant Tawde

    Actors: Prakash Khude, Suhas Kulkarni

    Synopsis: Among those who contributed to the social advancement of the Harijans, Gandhi amiAmbedkar arc the most important. The former came from a caste of Vaishya status,while the latter was horn into an Untouchable caste; the former approached the problemfrom the standpoint of an upper caste Hindu who wanted to rot out Untouchabiiity fromthe fabric of society, the latter identified himself with the struggle against the exploitationwhich the untouchables had suffered under the upper caste fundus across (he centuries,Gandhi, as a believing Hindu, felt that Hinduism needed to be reformed of theexcrescence of llnlouehabilty. Ambedkar, on the contrary, was convinced thai theproblem was a part of Hinduism and was enshrined in its sacred scriptures

    Watch Online YouTube *HQ*:-
    Part 1 : Watch
    Part 2 : Watch
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