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    Monomilan Marathi Natak

    Kiran Yadnyopavit

    Actors: Ashok Saraf, Mohit Tikkekar, Shweta Shinde, Kiran Mane

    Synopsis: Monomilan is play by Ashok Saraf where he is trying to search for "Var" for his lovely daughter Shweta Shinde,being a Patil of gaon he is having good political image so he is searching for someone who is equally with him. but ....but this exciting play for fun and full of comedy

    Watch Online Dailymotion *HQ*:-
    Part 1 : Watch
    Part 2 : Watch
    Part 3 : Watch
    Part 4 : Watch
    Part 5 : Watch
    Part 6 : Watch
    Part 7 : Watch
    Part 8 : Watch
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