Television gets its new beti

The content on the general entertainment channels has come a long way — from generic family soaps in 90s’ to saas-bahu sagas that dominated the TV in the last decade. But now Sony Entertainment Television is hoping to change this trend with a complete new and refreshing character that is all set to capture the audience’s hearts. She will be seen in the upcoming show Maan Rahe Tera ... Pitaah.

Sony is unveiling Anmol, a beti, with a universal connect, who’s rooted in reality, but explores new horizons to protect her father and cherish the beautiful relationship of father and daughter. “Maan Rahe Tera ... Pitaah will start a new era of progressive television viewing with the focus on daughter, rather than saas-bahus. With this show, Sony will bring back the romance of storsonyytelling, while being deeply-rooted in reality,” says channel programming head Ajay Bhalwankar. Watch Maan Rahe Tera ... Pitaah, coming soon on Sony Entertainment Television.