Video Update :18 July 2012 Kya Hua Tera Vaada Video

Part 1

At Pradeeps home, Anu and Pradeeps luggage is being taken away and Anu is all set to leave! Anu tells Mona that now Mona must have realised what she is worth of and says that people should act as per their worth! She says that Mona can stay at the place she is worth of and now she is leaving to her place and wishes all and tells Pradeep to come with her! Mona falls at Pradeeps feet and begs Pradeep not to go and asks how will she live? She says that she has lost her job and now how will she raise the kids? Pradeep tells her that she should have thot this thru before..! He tells her that its her look out and asks her to move out of his way! Suhasi too requests Pradeep.. even Pammi! Mona promises that she will never interfere in Anus life or come in her way! Anu asks Mona to cut it short and let Pradeep come with her! The kids too sweet talk and request Pradeep to stay back! Pradeep says all this emotional blackmail wont work and tries to leave but Mona tries to stop him and he slaps her! Pradeep tells her that he wont stop and says he is tired of explaining her not to interfere in others things! He tells her that she is responsible for her own misery! Anu asks Pradeep to say sorry to Mona as she is in dire straits and asks him not to behave like this! Pradeep asks why? Anu says that whatever Mona is, she used to be his wife and now that he is meeting her last time, he should say sorry! Pradeep praises Anu and says she is so nice ..still thinking of Mona tho Mona insulted her repeatedly! Anu says she is this way! Anu says they are getting late and asks Pradeep to hurry! Right then Mallika shakes her and Anu realises she was day dreaming! They are in the car and Anu realises she was dreaming and says its a dream that will be reality soon! Anu thanks Mallika n says that she will share Monas firing news with her soon!

Pradeep calls Suri and asks if Monas order is done? Suri teases him and then confirms that order is done and its been despatched! Pradeep is relieved to hear! He says after all that has happened in past.. Mona deserves the victory and says.. good things happen to good people! Suri is busy rejoicing with others at the factory! Pammi watches him hug the security guy and cribs about Suri hugging a guy and saying 'I love u'! The driver of the tempo which had taken the order for delivery comes and informs that the order has been stolen! All are shocked! He again shares the whole theft incident! Mona is shocked and panicked! Pammi asks her to relax! Suri asks from where the thieves/thugs had come and where they went?? Driver says that he cant remember! Mona tells the Driver that the order was their hardwork and that she will lose her job and begs him to try and recollect something or ansonyything! Driver tries to recollect and says that one of the thug was talking to someone on phone and said it the stolen tempo will be at railroad godown in half n hour! Vineet and all set out to retrieve the tempo carrying their hard work from the thugs! Mona prays and along with Vineet - Suri - Pammi heads towards the godown! Pradeep wonders what is wrong and why Suri isnt calling him back and calls Suri! Pammi is irked seeing the call of Pradeep on Suri and taunts that Suri should be sitting in the womans bus ! Suri tells Pradeep that someone has stolen the order! Pradeep wonders how this happened and who did this? Pradeep says he knows a DCP and will call him! Suri asks him to do so!

Anu and her boss are waiting for Vineet and Mona and wonder how Vineet made someone so incompetent as Mona his P.A? He rues that coz of Mona, they will lose an old client! Anu agrees and says that Mona is a housewife and is not competent to do the work she has been assigned! Her boss fumes even more! Vineet in his car is following various tempos which are enroute to the railroad godown and Mona sees their tempo! They block the tempo and the Nari shakti women attack the thugs! Vineet and Mona restrain Pammi from attacking them! Suri goes to see the bashing of the thugs too! All hit the thugs with eggs and tomatoes! Vineet hits the thug and asks on whose orders they did so? They say 'Anu'! All are shocked and fuming!

Part 2

Suri says that they should have realised that this dirty trick can be of Anu only! Mona says time is running out! Vineet asks Suri to drive his car and says he will drive the tempo! Mona is shocked and asks he will drive tempo? Vineet says if need be he will drive airplane too! Mona is stunned! All rush! Anus boss is fuming and cribbing! Anu says that in such short time..completing such huge order is impossible! Anu suggests him to fire Mona and says that as such Mona had promised to quit if she cant complete the task! Right then Mona comes and says 1 minute is left for deadline to end! Anu asks what she will do in 1 minute? Mona says in 1 minute, one can pray to God to make things gone wrong to right! Mr Parekh (the client) calls and says he got the order and complients on the quality! Anus boss is impressed and says he cant believe and says they have made impossible - possible! He praises them and says client is delighted! He apologises to Vineet and Mona for doubting them! Vineet says Anu tried her best to ruin their job and asks Anu to confess what she did! Anu is embarassed!

Part 3

Anus boss is disgusted and says that the Anu he considered best employee of the company stooped to such shallow levels? Cant believe! He asks her to apologise to Mona! Mona says not needed as they both did their tasks! She tells Anu that tho Monas life has reached to dire straits coz of her but the way Anu has conducted her career.. was a source of inspiration for her but today Anu has lost respect in Monas eyes! She asks Anu why she din think of Vineet.. her best friend and why she din think of Pradeep (the VP of the company) and even the company?! Mona says that she cant believe that Anu could stoop to such shallow levels just to destroy Mona? She says that had Mona not joined the company, Anu wouldnt have thot to damage it in such a way! She says she wont work in the company anymore so that environment wont get further vitiated! Anus boss says that Mona has to resign but from her post .. not company! He says that before today he has never taken such a major risk but today he is taking and declares that from today Mona is the President of the company ..all thanks to her loyalty, hardwork and dedication! He says he is promoting her to be at par with Anu! He says the decisions Anu used to take in past, now Mona can take them too and both will share same level! All are shocked!

Precap - All congratulate Mona on her achievement and Pradeep watches happily from afar!Mona is walking and Pradeep thinks she is coming to him and he extends his hand to congratulate her but Mona passes him by!