Video Update : 12 July 2012 Kya Hua Tera Vaada Video

Scene 1

The episode starts with Mona thinking what Bulbul said, saying to Pammi that she did not understand, and is concerned about her.

Pammi says it is fine, as because of Mona's pregnancy, she might be feeling like this. Mona says it is not fine. maybe her divorce with Pradeep has made her kids react like this. As previously she used to spend time with them, and clarify their doubts and talk to them but now she doesn't.

Pammi says that she is already doing so much, going to work, taking care of her in-laws, that she should not worry.

But Mona says that her kids are her first priority and she would go to her school to talk to her teacher.

Scene 2

At Home

Suhasi tries to talk to her husband who is in is deep thought.

Tani comes there and apologizes for her mistake. She says that she did not understand what she was doing, she really loved Madhav and he also promised to marry her, but in the end, he betrayed her. She says that she became blind in love, and committed a huge mistake.

Alok interrupts and says that it is not her mistake but their, that they did not understand their children. Pradeep also broke his home and Tani, before making her home, fell in love. He says that he was not able to fulfill his duty as a parent and is ashamed of himself.

Both Tani and Suhasi are crying listening to him.

Tani says that she doesn't deserve him or this home.

Alok gets angry and shouts at Tani to go away from home.

Suhasi tries to stop him and says he doesn't know what he is speaking but Alok denies it. Suhasi says that she is their daughter, though she did a mistake but they can't do the same. She says that Tani could have done worse but she accepted her mistake and faced it, did not run away.

Scene 3

In School

Mona is sitting in the staff room and asks Bulbul's teacher that how she is doing.

Teacher says that she absolutely great and is doing very well in studies also. Her grades have improved a lot, but she is only concentrating on studies and not socializing, even turned away from her favorite sport. She further adds that last week they had a PTA meeting but Mona did not come.

Mona says that she had no information regarding any meeting.

Teacher says that she is afraid that if Bulbul continues like this, she will become introvert.

Scene 4

In Office

Pradeep is apologizing to Vinit that he should not have said those things to him. He said all that unknowingly but is really sorry about that.

Vinit is not convinced.

Pradeep says that he is really sorry for all that, and also says thanks for saving Tani and their reputation as it would have affected their parents, but he saved them.

Vinit asks him to forget it all, as it is all good. Pradeep should now concentrate on work as they have a big thing coming.

Vinit says that they should talk to abt this and Mr. Johnson will see, but suddenly seen their boss, Mr. Johnson entering the office with Anu.

Vinit greets him and says that he had no idea that he would come early.

Anu is thinking that she already knew but why would she say about their boss's arrival to anyone.

Anu says to Mr. Johnson that he can use her cabin while she will work with Pradeep in his and introduces Pradeep with Mr. Johnson.

Mona enters office and Anu introduces her as the best employee of the company. She says Mona is Vinit's assistant and he could not get a bettter one, and then sarcastically adds that she came 2 hrs late and did not notice anyone as she was engrossed in work.

Mona says that she was in her kids school.

Anu asks her to relax as their boss doesn't care and is only concerned about work. She should separate her personal n professional life.

Anu says to Mr. Johnson that though she comes late, takes leave very often, and is more involved in her family, but is an efficient worker. And that Mona will be taking leave soon, as she is the best employee.

Mr. Johnson asks how can she get such liberties regarding leave. He asks all of them to come in conference room.

Scene 5

In Conference room

Mr. Johnson is talking about some unit which is still working when it should have been shut. He asks who is responsible for that.

Anu says that the unit is working because of Vinit's efficient assistant Mona as Mona had asked him to and he agreed. Mona had some emotional bond with the unit as she was concerned about the workers.

Any says personally she did not like this suggestion but Vinit supported her and now Mona will take care of that unit and will complete the project in 3 months, but she was busy in some personal work and is not doing it presently.

Mr. Johnson scolds Vinit for this and says that it is his (Vinit's) mistake that he supported her and she does not have any experience.

Vinit justifies and says that he did not do ansonyything wrong by hiring Mona as she is intelligent than most of the employees here. He trusts Mona completely and has involved her in the new project.

But Mr. Johnson says no and says that first she would complete the previous order and then involve her in current projects. Now it is his and his assistant's responsibility to clear eversonyything, to complete the orders, and if it does not happen Mona will be fired.

Scene 6

In Pradeep's cabin

Anu happily says that it is great that they will work together.

Pradeep asks her whether she is happy about sharing his cabin or troubling Mona.

Ans asks him what does he mean.

Pradeep says that Mona has done so much for the family and yet she did all that.

Anu says that they have to run a company. She also feels bad about Mona but everthing that happened was right.

Pradeep just stands and goes from there.

Anu get angry and thinks that Pradeep had hit her because of Mona and now she will reply back to Mona.

Scene 7

Vinit's cabin Mona comes to Vinit's cabin and hands him a paper.Vinit says that it is 3rd time that she is trying to give her resignation, but he will not accept.Mona says that for the first time Anu is right. She has been involved with her personal problems and not concentrating on work.Vinit says that she has only thought about herself but what about him. She will go but Mr. Johnson will take away his life support.Mona asks him what she do about it.Vinit says that she can do a lot, and complete the order in 2 days. But Mona refuses and says it is impossible.Vinit says that make it possible just trust herself. If he trusts her so much then why does'nt she. If she can solve so many problems related to her family, her in-laws, handle her children, and even Anu's non-stop plans, then she can do all this also. Just fight for it and win it. He himself wants to see her win.Mona says that 2 says are very less.Vinit says if she does not do this and fails then he himself will take her resignation.

Precap : We see Mona talking to Mrs. Gupta and saying that only she can help her.Mrs. Gupta say how can she do this.Then there is some convo between them and Mrs. Gupta readily agrees to help Mona.