Video Update : 11 July 2012 Kya Hua Tera Vaada Video

Part 1

Anushka asks Mona to become responsible after the accident n think of family repute..! She says that as such Pradeep is gonna divorce her now..! As Anushka goes to Pradeep he slaps her hard! All are shocked! Pradeep says that Tani was pregnant and that Madhav cheated Tani and to save the family repute, Mona had lied! Pradeep tells Anushka to cut her fake drama! Anushka walks away! Mona excuses herself and says that she has an incomplete job that she needs to finish! Pradeep says he knows where she is going and says that he will come with her and that he too has to finish the incomplete job!

At Madhavs house, Madhav asks why Pradeep-Mona have come? He tells them not to think that he is the father of Tanis baby! He says that he did have an affair with Tani but she mite b loitering with others too! Pradeep holds Madhav by the collar and tells him how dare he point finger on Tanis character?! Mona tries to calm down Pradeep! Madhav says Mona is better than Pradeep ...atleast she trusts him! Mona says she trusted him earlier but now realised that he is a cheater of a person and that now he needs to convince someone else! Mona asks Jia to come in! Madhav is panicked seeing Jia! Mona apologises to Jia for hurting her indireclty but says she needed to show her the real face of Madhav! She tells Jia that Madhav can do similar thing to Jia too like he did to Tani! Mona-Pradeep leave! Madhav tries to pacify Jia but Jia slaps Madhav and says she hates him and goes away!

Anushka is fuming while packing her bags that how dare Pradeep slap her.. ! She says she is not Mona and that now she will leave and wont come back! She resolves to demote Pradeep and teach him a lesson and insult him day in and day out! She resolves to get Mona fired! Mallika comes to meet Anushka n asks her why she is leaving the house? Anushka says that she cant stay aruond to get slapped! Mallika says that she is making the biggest mistake of her life by leaving now as she will lose Pradeep to Mona! Anushka says that Pradeep will never go back to Mona! Mallika says that Mona has made a big sacrifice and so she is great in front of everyone ... including Pradeep too! She says that for the first time Pradeep sided with Mona and that he is feeling so guilty that he will fall at her feet too if needed! She asks Anushka what if Mona forgives Pradeep and if he asks her to come back? Anushka says she will not let that happen! Mallika reminds Anushka of her sacrifices and tells how can she let Pradeep go back to Mona just coz of one slap? She counsels Anushka to stay put and stop Pradeep from meeting Mona! Anushka agrees to Mallikas suggestion and says that she wont leave but Mona will from everyones life and office! Mallika asks why from office? Anushka talks about the loss making company that Mona took up as challenge to turn around or quit! Mallika asks who is Big boss? Anushka says her boss and Vineets 49% partner! Anushka says that Vineet gave Mona the chance on his own so now if Mona fails, Vineets image will fall and Anushkas will improve! Anushka says that she will slap Mona such that there will be no noise and no marks!

Pradeep-Mona are returning from Madhavs house! Pradeep recollects his bitter words to Mona! Pradeep stammers a bit to initiate convo with Mona but drops the idea! Mona gets down near their apartment when Pradeep calls out and apologises! He rues why he cant see the truth and is ashamed to hurt her! He rues that he insulted her all over and how could he believe Mona was pregnant! He says he has fallen in his own eyes! He asks her to forgive him and Mona tells him that its ok! Pradeep asks if Mona forgave him for sure? Pradeep wonders what to say and says that Mona has done a huge favour on him, his sister and his family! Mona says that he mite not be with her but the family is hers too and that the relations are the same even after they have split! Pradeep acknowledges that its Monas humility! Pradeep says he wants to do something for Mona and asks what she wants him to do? He asks her to make a wish ..whatever she wants and that he will fulfill it!

Part 2

Mona tells Pradeep that if he wants to do something for her then he should apologise to Anushka and that he did not do right by slapping Anushka! She says that in 12 years he never raised his hand on her but today he slapped Anushka! She says that its Pradeeps biggest mistake so he should amend it.. but its upto him! Mona goes away ! Pradeep comes back to his house and switches on the lights of his room n sees Anushka standing! Pradeep and Anushka both say sorry at the same time! Anushka says sorry and asonydmits that she made a huge mistake by insulting Mona as Mona was protecting Tani and the family repute! Pradeep tells her that both of them made a mistake! He says that Anushka doesnt know Mona but he lived with Mona for 12 years n yet he too made the huge mistake! He says.. 'Main Mona ko jaan to paya.. pesonyhchan nahi paya'! He says that he apologised to Mona and Anushka asks if Mona forgave him? Pradeep says that he has habit of making mistakes and Mona has habit of forgiving him! He says that he forgave Anushka coz of Mona .. Anushka self thot that she got the forgiveness as alms coz of Mona! Anushka again says sorry and Pradeep says its ok and tells her to forget it all! Pradeep goes to change! Anushka says that she has a bad habit of neither forgetting things herself nor letting others forget! She resolves to teach Mona a lesson once her boss is in town!

Part 3

Mona gives tiffin to the kids and says that finally after ages she got to pack tiffin for the kids! Rano tells Mona that she wants to ask her something! Mona says she knows that Rano wants to ask about her pickles and says that she packed her fave pickles! Rano asks what PREGNANT means? Mona is startled and explains that when a small baby comes to a mom, its called Pregnant! Rano tells Mona that she too is PREGNANT and asks where will baby sleep? Rajbeer says that he will sleep with Pradeep n Rano with Mona and baby will sleep in their bed! Bulbul tells Rano and Rajbeer to be quiet as no baby is coming! Mona says no baby is coming and asks them not to talk about it! She asks the kids to hug her and she sees them off! Bulbul says that they cant share her with anyone else!

Precap -- Pradeep comes to Vineet and apologises to him and thanks him for doing whatever he did for Tani and saving his family's repute! He says that if outsiders had found out.. he wouldn't have been able to face them!