Video Update : 10 July 2012 Kya Hua Tera Vaada Video

Scene 1

The episode starts with celebration going on in the marriage hall.
Mona's mother calls Suhasi telling her to comes asap as Pradeep is not stopping and making Mona cry.

Here Pradeep goes to Mona and tells her that the caterer here is good and she should call them on her wedding to Vinit.

Mona asks him why is he doing this but he says he can do at least do this much for her, and he wll be together with her during her whole wedding.

Monas' in laws come there and are greeted by the hosts. They look at Monas' parents and Mona and Pradeep talking.

Pradeep is asking Mona which color sherwani she would select for Vineet, when his dad interrupts.
His dad asks him what is he doing and he says he is preparing for their daughter's wedding.
He says that they (his family) were thinking that he will do a tamasha, but he consoled himself saying if his ex-wife can do all this, be besharam, then he should help and now child is also there. And today Mona herself said that she is carrying Vinit's child.

His parents are shocked.

He continues and says that their daughter is like that only and is a chupi rustam, she always carries the innocent face. He tells them he is only giving advice, and he will get all the discounts for the wedding.
He asks mons what kind of wedding she wants lavish or something else like that.
He says Vinit is also getting married the second time, previously Vinit was not able to come out of his thoughts of his ex wife but seeing Mona's beauty he also was drawn towards her.

Just as he was about to say more, he gets a call saying that Mona is asonydmitted and had a miscarriage, and nurse tells him to if he could come soon.

Pradeep is shocked.

While everyone's eyes are moist remembering his accusations.

Scene 2

At the hospital

Mona is hugging Tani and consoling her.

Tani tells her that she went to Madhav only asking why he did that; That Madhav was saying absurd things about Mona and questioning her character. She says she slapped him and he pushed her so hard that, and again starts to cry.

Mona is consoling her and saying she did not do ansonyything wrong.

The whole family along with Pradeep are standing there, not knowing what to say.

Nurse comes and asking for Pradeep and tells him to sign the papers for Mona's discharge.

Pradeep looks at Mona guiltily.

Nurse tells him to look after Mona as she is weak and is in pain

Pradeep does not know what to say.

Scene 3

Back at home

Mona comes to Alok n says that whatever happened has happened and he should not say ansonyything to Tani.

He says that he can't believe ansonyything like this could happen.

Mona says that Tani is not at fault as Madhav pretended to be in love with her.

He says that he knows but Mona took all the blame on her regarding Tani's pregnancy and even when Anu was insulting her in front of everyone, she did not say ansonyything.

Mona asks him to forget about it and right now their concern should be Tani.

Alok says that first his son Pradeep himself ruined his own home and his other son does not even get time from lying all the time.

He did not know that one day he will have to hide his face because of his son's deed.

Mona says that they will take care as these two brothers love their sister very much.

His second son comes to him and says not to worry as both of them will take care of their sister, and asks Pradeep the same.

Alok says now who will marry Tani.

Mona pleads him not to think about it for a while as Tani is the one suffering and is breaking inside. Give her some time.

Suhasi says that Mona has proved that she is the true daughter, she has saved the family's name and not let their heads down in front of the world. She then says to Mona's mom that this time she had given birth to her but next time she will give birth to Mona as she wants a daughter like her.

Mona's dad apologizes to her Alok that he in his blind pride said a lot to him. Alok asks him not to do so.

Mona's mom says that he has himself doubted his daughter when Alok did not doubt her. She says to Suhasi that she wanted to give birth in next birth but she is giving them full rights to take care of their daughter.

Mona's dad says sorry to Mona, but Mona forbids him to do so.

She says that she knows what a daughter means to a family and their izzat and she can never do ansonyything to harm it all.

Scene 4

Anu is in car and she is happy about receiving an award and is talking to her boss, waiting for him to come to India.

She says that now Mona is gone as she will be going to maternity leave and now her talent will go to drain.

The nurse from the hospital, called mayuri, calls her and says that Mona had a miscarriage and they have taken her home.

Anu is happy that she is getting major news one by one.

She says now let us see how Vinit will save Mona as she would not be in the office for the welcome.

Scene 5

Back at home

Mona's dad says that they have to go now as they have train.

The door bell rings and Mallika opens the door, Anu is there , Mallika is trying to tell her that Pradeep is inside and more but Anu does not listen and goes to Mona who is resting her head on her moms shoulder.

Anu says that as soon as she got to know about her she came running. Though they are not friends but she came to give her support. She says saying is difficult but going through is tough but she can understand it.

First Pradeep went away and now this child. Anu says she does not know in which condition she got pregnant as someone might have used her or there was a weak moment, whatever the reason, but this was her child , and she can understand the trauma she is going through she should take it as a lesson and be more responsible. Everyone trusts her so much, and she did not think about them or the kids, being alone is difficult but marrying like this, but now she will not do ansonyything irresponsible as Pradeep has also agreed for divorce.

Anu goes to Pradeep to ask him, but Pradeep slaps her.

Everyone is shocked.


We see Anu talking to Mallika and saying that Mona had given her challenge in front of everyone,
and now Pradeep had slapped her in front of all.

And she will slap Mona in such a way that there will be no sound or mark.