Video Update : 12 July 2012 Kuch Toh Log Kahenge Video

Part 1

Shyama tells Rangus dad that they should start the wedding preps immediately or it will get delayed! Rangus dad says that no need to fret as they have many ppl to help in the wedding in the village! Solanki fumes and says that wedding will be in city as cards are already distributed! Rangus dad says that not all cards must hv been distributed! Solanki says his relatives wont come to village as they cant live between cows and dung and insects! Rangus dad says that they will live like villagers live! Rangus dad says that not less than 500 ppl will come to the wedding! Solanki is shocked and says 500 ppl in this day n age? Rangus dad says that this is custom! Solanki says its not circus .its wedding! Both fight! Shyama intervenes! Rangu also tells his dad! Seeing Rangu stand near Anjie.. Rangus dad scolds for supporting the girls side! Rangus mom agrees with Solanki but Rangus dad fears for the ire of village folks! Rangus dad relents but says..10 horses will come n they hv to arrange for that atleast and walks off! AshNi smile seeing them! Solanki asks Shyama why will they get 10 horses when they have 1 groom? CS mimics horses and Solanki fumes even more!

In the car.. Ashu tells Nidhi that party was good and Nidhi says after ages they felt normal and that finally they can smile lauf dance and njoy like normal ppl! She rues that else she feared that their home was under the effect of evil eye! Ashu asks her to forget all this and divert attention! Nidhi says that she is thinking of pursuing a new hobby! Ashu asks what? Nidhi says 'Kidnapping handsome neuro surgeons' ! Ashu says that its no longer a lucrative idea n tells her that he has a suggestion for her which DB gave to him! Nidhi is shocked and asks what? Ashu says that if she wont hit him ..he will tell! Nidhi asks if its a bad idea? Ashu says.. not bad but something that will increase Nidhis responsibility! Nidhi asks what idea? Ashu says that Nidhis DB wants her to become a mom! Nidhi is startled and Ashu adds that DB wants AshNi to think of starting a family! Ashu asks Nidhi her views? Nidhi tells Ashu not to take all this seriously as there is no hurry! Ashu agrees but says that DB is worried for his increasing age! Nidhi asks why DB din think of her age? Ashu agrees and says that they have to think it thru! Nidhi says its not many days to their wedding so they can wait! Ashu agrees n adds that only if DB allows them to wait! Nidhi asks him not to worry as she will take care of DB! Ashu says that since he can move around he plans to resume Kotnis! Nidhi agrees and Ashu says that he is glad she liked this thot atleast! Nidhi says that its not that she din like the baby thot but every thot has a right time! Nidhi suggests to return home as they have to prepare early if Ashu has to go to hosp next day! Ashu agrees!

Next day morning, BB comes to kitchen to find Nidhi cooking ! BB asks why is she so happy? Nidhi shares that Ashu is resuming hosp! BB says its a great thing for Ashu and the hosp! Nidhi says that its not a matter of happiness for her as now Ashu will stay in hosp whole day! She rues that now Ashu will go in the morning and come late in nite! BB agrees and Nidhi says ..she will miss him a lot! BB suggests that they both can miss him and they wont feel too bad! BB and Nidhi are laufing! Ashu comes and sees them happy and asks what is the matter? BB says that they were planning what to do after he goes to hosp? Nidhi says..they were thinking of ways to celebrate once Ashu leaves! Ashu tells them to continue to yap and asks for breakfast and Nidhi brings! BB tells Ashu that they were rueing that they will miss him a lot once he is gone! Ashu asks if they dun want him to go? Nidhi says no.. n asks him to go as she wants to hear his childhood tales from BB !

Solanki shows the list of invitees for Anjies wedding to CB.. .! CB taunts that its a long list of 13 people! Anjie is appalled ! Solanki says that there is no point calling more they will only eat.. bless couple n leave! CB says that more ppl will come n bless RanJi! Solanki says that more blessing dun assure longevity or happiness of marriage n couples will split if they are destined to! Shyama is appalled and chides Solanki! Anjie throws a fit and says its her wedding n no one is asking her! CB supports Anjie and asks her to show her list and she shows a hug list! Solanki is shocked! Anjie says thats its only part 1 and shows part 2.. n Solanki fumes and asks if there are more? Anjie says as and when she recollects more names, she will add! Anjie takes out shopping list (a huge one)! All are appalled!

Ashu finishes his breakfast and Nidhi sulks! She goes to the bedroom and calls out to Ashu ..that he forgot his hanky! BB smiles and signals Ashu to go inside! Ashu comes and asks Nidhi what he forgot? Nidhi hugs Ashu and Ashu asks her what happened? Nidhi says that she is sad .. he is leaving and is missing him already! Ashu says that its difficult to understand women and turns to leave! Nidhi asks what will Ashu do when he misses her at the hosp? Ashu says think of her! Nidhi puts her arm around his neck and says he can call! Ashu agrees..! Nidhi asks how many times he will call? Ashu says.. if he gets time he will call! AshNi come close for a kiss and Ashu tells Nidhi if he can leave as he is getting late! Nidhi grudgingly lets him go but Ashu smiles and gives her a forehead kiss and then goes! BB helps Ashu with the coat and Ashu takes his blessings and leaves! Nidhi sulks! Ashu arrives at Kotnis! Everyone wishes him and Rangu welcomes him with a bouquet! Ashu congratulates one of Nidhis batchmate Jyotika regarding having completed her internship ! A lady with a baby comes and asks Ashu to bless her kid and he asks if its a boy or girl! She says girl and Ashu blesses the kid! Ashu tells Rangu he likes girls more!

Part 2

At home, Nidhi recollects Ashus words on the 'One month anniversary' nite and then their moments during honeymoon! *BG .. Tere bina jeeya jaye na*! Jungle hugs and SR nite! Nidhi is lost in Ashus thots in the kitchen and feels the bed! She recollects Ashus smiling face, their hugs!

Part 3

At the maternity ward, Ashu notices new born babies and the nurse asks how come Ashu is there? Ashu says was passing! She briefs that there have been three deliveries! Ashu asks the nurse if she is busy.. she says yes! Ashu nods and asks her to take care! Ashu starts to leave but sees the baby and stops and self thot that...he doesn't want to pressurise Nidhi but what DB was saying was not so wrong! He decides to ask Nidhi one more time as he is sure, she wont disagree!

Precap -- Nidhi is at Ashus cabin and asks Ashu what he was thinking? Ashu says he wants to say something! Nidhi tells him she too wants to say something! Ndihi says she wants to resume hosp and Ashu is startled and speechless!