Video Update : 11 July 2012 Kuch Toh Log Kahenge Video

Ashu asks Mallika to get out of his house and his life. Mallika begs him not to do this to her. She even asks Nidhi and Baba for sympathy as she loves Ashu from 12 years and eversonyything's fair in love. Baba says nothing except love is fair in love; people give lives for love not take them. Ashu again asks her to leave, she's lied far too much. Mallika begs him to let her stay because her brother and sister-in-law are in Australia, she has nowhere to go and can't live without him. Nidhi melts and asks Ashu to forgive Mallika (Great!Wacko). Ashu doesn't agree as he is ashamed of how unfair he's been to Nidhi. But Nidhi says that Mallika loves him more than she hates her; all this which has happened is because of love, whatever the three of them did was out of love and no one is to blame except love and they should forgive each other; but she wants Mallika to go away from their lives, nothing else. Mallika apologises to Nidhi.
Mallika is getting ready to leave but Ashu refuses to see her one last time and she desperately begs Nidhi to tell Ashu to meet her just this once. Nidhi tries to convince him but in vain. Mallika says she can understand what Ashu is going through; in a quest to win Ashu's love, she lost her best friend. She leaves. Nidhi follows her and Ashu comes out of his room and softly says goodbye to Mallika.
Outside, Baba tells Mallika that Ashu has given a recommendation for her in one of the hospitals. Mallika feels sad as she can't even thank him. Just then Nidhi gets a call from Anji and she tells her she'll call up later. Mallika knows she shouldn't be forgiven but still asks for Nidhi's forgiveness and wishes that AshNi stay happily from now. She also tells her to assure Ashu that she'll never come back in his life and she'll learn to live without him. She also assures Nidhi that Ashu will always be hers. Baba goes with Mallika to drop her.
Ashu is sitting absentmindedly in a chair. Nidhi goes to him. Ashu tells Nidhi that there are a lot of broken fences between them, she had to endure a lot of pain and no amount of apologies will be able to make up for that. Nidhi says he, too, lost his best friend; Mallika in a way made them realise how much they missed each other. Ashu promises her he will never let ansonyything except love come in between them. AshNi decide to celebrate their reunion with a small gettogether.
DB prays for eversonyything to always remain good between Nidhi and Ashu. Yuvraj comes and everyone is ready to leave for AshNi's house.
At AshNi's, everyone is in a full-on celebration mood. They all seem happy after a long time. AshNi discuss how the party has done them good after all the Mallika drama. They feel it's a new beginning for them now. They decide to go on a drive after the party with no one to stop them. Ashu asks Nidhi to never talk about Mallika again.
Baba tells Yuvraj that Mallika is a resident doctor at a good hospital. Yuvraj is still shocked that Mallika tried to kill his daughter. Baba says human psychology is very complex and even the best of people sometimes can do just about ansonyything; but Mallika is suffering now.
Nidhi and Anji discuss about the sleeping pill issue. Anji is quite shaken but Nidhi tries to laugh it off.
Meanwhile, RN and Shyama are discussing about RanJi's wedding and Ashu and DB about Mallika. DB says she misjudges people very less but asonydmits he was one of the people she misjudged. Nidhi is happy seeing DB and Ashu laughing together.
Amidst the hearty discussion between Ashu and DB, DB asks Ashu that she feels he and Nidhi should plan for a child now. Ashu feels it's too early but DB teases him saying if he delays then he'll look more like a grandfather than a father. Ashu is offended at this.

Precap: Ashu tells Nidhi that according to DB, she should become a mother now