Video Update : 10 July 2012 Kuch Toh Log Kahenge Video

Part 1

Anjie calls Rangu n asks if he called? Rangu asks if all is well at Nidhis place? Anjie says yes n asks why he is asking? Rangu talks about the chemist and chances of Mallu taking the overdose of tranquilizer! Anjie says she will call and inform Nidhi! Mallu is holding the sleeping pills in her hand and is lost in thots! BB asks what she is thinking? Mallu says about her sickness! As BB goes to sit in the sofa of the living room, Mallu mixes the sleeping pills in the dal which Mallu has served for Nidhi! She stirs it while keeping an eye on BBs movements! BB smiles to Mallu from across where he is sitting n Mallu smiles back! Anjie calls Nidhi but the moby is in kitchen so Nidhi doesnt notice! Nidhi comes to sit at the table and is surprised to see Mallu being so nice to her n having served Dal for her in the bowl!

Nidhis moby rings and BB asks whose moby is ringing? Nidhi gets up to take the moby but Mallu tries to stop her and Nidhi relents! Seeing Mallu smile a lot, Nidhi is suspicious! Anjie is worried! As Nidhi is about to eat, again the moby rings! Nidhi again gets up but Mallu reasons that to take the moby one doesnt desert the food! Nidhi wonders why Mallu is showering so much love on her? As Nidhi is about to take the morsel of food in her mouth, Mallu is watching agape but the moby rings again! Nidhi again tries to get up but Mallu stops her and offers to see who it is! BB suggests Nidhi to take it as it could be urgent! Nidhi gets up and goes to check! Nidhi calls back ...its Anjie! Anjie asks why she din receive her call? Nidhi says she was eating so..! Anjie says Rangu called and said that Mallu has ordered tranquilizers and same has been delivered at home and that maybe Mallu will try to commit suicide again!

Nidhi wonders for whom Mallu ordered those dose? Mallu asks who it was? Nidhi says Anjie as she had some work! Nidhi says she forgot something in Mallus room and goes to get it! Nidhi checks the room and notices the empty bottle of sleeping pills! Nidhi says that bottle is empty and Mallu is fine ..had she taken the dose, she would have... ! Nidhi stops midway and returns to the living room and again starts to eat! Mallu again watches with bated breath and Nidhi wonders if Mallu mixed the pills in her food? Nidhi freezes and Mallu asks why she stopped? Nidhi puts the spoon down and says she wont eat! Mallu asks why? BB asks the matter? Nidhi says that her food is poisoned hence!

Mallu is left shocked! BB asks what does she mean? Nidhi reiterates again! Mallu asks what Nidhi is saying? She says she ate the food, BB, Ashu all ate.. then what Nidhi is saying? BB agrees with Mallu! BB asks how Nidhi knows her food is poisoned? Nidhi says.. she knows! BB says that if its agreed that the food is poisoned, who has done it?? Nidhi says Mallu! Mallu is shaking her head and stammers and asks why she would do such a thing? She says Nidhi is lying! BB says that Nidhi is levelling serious allegations against Mallu and what is the proof she has? Nidhi asks BB to ask Mallu! Mallu goes hysterical and says Nidhi is doubting her again! Nidhi says she is not doubting Mallu but allegeing that she has mixed poison in Nidhis food and attempted to kill her! Nidhi says that if its to be decided who is lying or telling truth then Ashu needs to be called outside! BB agrees and calls Ashu outside!

Ashu asks what the matter is? BB says its serious! He says that Nidhi is alleging that Mallu has mixed poison in her food! Ashu is shocked and asks Nidhi what she is saying? Mallu starts to cry and says its not truth! Nidhi says if she is wrong then she is not worthy of being Ashus wife! Mallu says why will she try to poison Nidhis food and who will give that poison to her? Nidhi says.. Purohit Medical Store where Mallu ordered sleeping pills ..the same chemist supplies medicine to Kotnis and the chemist told the details to Rangu.. Rangu to Anjie .. Anjie to Nidhi! Nidhi says... Ashu to call the owner of Purohit Medical Store n confirm! Mallu says Nidhi is lying! Nidhi shows the empty bottle of sleeping pills and asks if the empty bottle is also a lie? Mallu stammers and says she has no idea what bottle it is and that Nidhi has planted it to trap her! Ashu says that he cant belive that Mallu will try to kill Nidhi! Nidhi asks Ashu to open his eyes! Nidhi asks Ashu to ask Mallu where the pills are from the bottle? Nidhi tells Ashu that he has to believe that his best friend tried to kill his wife! Ashu says he can never believe that and that Mallu cant do such a cheap trick and he knows Mallu well enouf! Ashu says he will eat the food and prove that Nidhi is wrong! Ashu gets out of the wheel chair..and staggeringly walks to the table to eat the food! Ashu say he will eat and prove that Mallu is right! Nidhi protests.. so does BB! Mallu is flustered and Nidhi is aghast! Ashu is about to eat when Mallu asks him to stop and asonydmits that its poisoned! Nidhi takes the plate away from Ashu! Ashu slaps Mallu!

Part 2

Mallu asks Ashu to hit her more and says she mixed the pills coz she wanted to kill Nidhi! Mallu asks Ashu to kill her! Ashu asks Mallu why she did all this? Mallu says for him! She says that when she came to AshNi house she was sick but when she started to get better, he was with her and near her whole nite! She says that slowly she felt that this is best way to keep Ashu with her! She says that she felt that she will get to live with Ashu under one roof by faking sickness! She asonydmits to faking sickness tho she recovered! She asonydmits that she wanted to create a huge wall of misunderstanding between AshNi so they separate and Mallu can come near Ashu! Mallu says that she tricked the Doc who came to check her! Mallu says that Nidhi found out the truth and wanted to take her for Electric Shock treatment to expose her!

Part 3

Mallu says she would have gotten exposed at the Docs place! She asonydmits that she had no option than to take Nidhis life! Ashu says Mallu was his best friend and that he trusted her more than himself! He rues that Mallu has embarassed him and their friendship! He tells Mallu to leave from the house and his life! He asks her to GET OUT of HIS HOUSE and HIS LIFE ..rightaway! Screen freezes on Mallus face!

Precap - Mallu begs Ashu not to do this to her! Nidhi reasons that whatever Mallu did was coz she loves Ashu!