Arohi tells her friends that the battle is hers and that she will have to fight it alone. Billu tells her that the fight is not between her family and her, but between love and hate. He tells her that they will not be mere spectators in this battle. Her friends promise to help her in this war. Romit asks her what her plan is and she tells him that since she has been living with police men all her life, she knows their method of work and that they must use their biggest weapon, surprise, to get Arjun out of jail. She tells them that no one must even suspect that they are going to do any thing of the sort.
Just then, a constable informs Rajveer that Arjun has some important information for him. Rajveer goes up to Arjun and tells him that he knows why Arjun has called for him. He tells him that he has called him to make his cell luxurious as he will have to spend his entire life in jail. Arjun is amused and Rajveer continues that he will have a rotten time in jail and that Arohi’s punishment will be worse and that she will have to spend her life yearning for him. Rajveer continues that Arohi and Arjun must have a bleak future and that he will ensure that they do. He promises Arjun that every time Arohi dreams of spending her life with Arjun, he will shatter her dreams like glass. He then asks Arjun why he wished to talk to him. Arjun tells him that he had called to give him an opportunity to shatter one of those dreams. He then tells Rajveer that his speech was too long and that the glass in his dreams has turned to stone! He tells Rajveer that he is confused and that they must have some time to think over it. He then apologizes to Rajveer for wasting his time. He then thanks Rajveer for opening his eyes.
After Rajveer walks away, Arjun tells himself that he cannot let the world make fun of Arohi’s love and that he will support her. He tells himself that he has done a lot of illegal things, but this one time he will do it for his love and for Arohi. He then promises that he will not let Arohi lose.
Rajveer is irritated with Arjun for wasting his time. He tells his men that they must be very careful while transferring Arjun to Nasik. He tells that if there an attempt to rescue Arjun, it will come from the Singhanias and that they have to keep a close watch on them. He then tells his men the plan and tells them about a combination lock whose passwaord only he knows of. He ensures them that Arjun cannot escape as they are fully prepared.
Arohi tells her plans to her friends and delegates them work. She assigns the work of finding out the route to Nasik jail to Shefali and Romit: the technical, transportation and their disguise duties to Billu and tells Sanchith to get to know whatever he can about the plan. As people depart to do the duties assigned to them, Arohi wonders what work to give Simmi. She then smiles a self satisfies smile and writes down something on her note pad.
Arvind asks Rajveer to run through the entire plan. As Rajveer narrates the plan, Sanchith eavesdrops. Rajveer tells the pass word of the combination lock and just then he sees the silhouette of a man standing near the window. Sanchith ducks in the nick of time and Rajveer does not see him. He spots a mannequin nearby and assumes that the silhouette was that of the mannequin’s. Arvind advices him to relax and retire to bed.
Sanchith reports all this to Arohi and they celebrate. Sanchith tells her that he may not be a part of the plan the next day as his parents may house arrest him. Arohi understands and runs through the plan for the final time.
Next morning, Preeti asks Rajveer to pray in the gurudhawra. He refuses and tells her that he does not need God’s help as he has his courage and gun with him. He tells her that he does not believe in God and miracles.
At the other end, Arohi and her friends pray to God to give them strength and courage and she prays for a miracle.
Arjun is escorted to the jeep. Rajveer jeers him and tells him that he is reminded of the bird who can look at the sky, but cannot fly as it is trapped. Arjun answers back that one can imprison a bird, but not an Eagle as the Eagle flies away with the cage! Rajveer tells him that it will be difficult for the Eagle fly when the cage is heavy and its wings are broken. Arjun replies that this Eagle does not rely on its wings, but on its courage to fly. Rajveer is impressed at the dialogue and wishes the ‘Eagle’ a happy flight!
Rajveer types in the security code and locks the jeep. He tells Arjun to enjoy the last morning of his life as he will not be able see another morning in his life. Arjun tells him that the night is not always dark and that it is darkest just before sun rise.
Billu acts a cobbler in front of the police station and informs Romit as soon as the jeep departs. Shefali tells Arohi about some communication problem that she is facing.
A constable in the jeep requests Rajveer to stop so that they could have some refreshments. On enquiring, a constable tells Arjun that they have just crossed ‘Lal Bridge’. Arjun tells himself that if Arohi has done her homework properly, she will know that this is an area where the escape can be carried out. He is convinced that she would have planned everything properly and that the van will stop any time.