Episode Starts with lovedeep Saying That She Believe What Arohi Says And Not What Alhuwalia Use To Its Why She Decides To leave The House .Amrit Try To Stop but His Husband Asks her to not . Lovedeep starts Leaving when Amrit Tells Her To Listen : She Asks LoveD To Take Care Of Arohi coz she can’t . Amrit says that she’s like struck . But she cannot choose between a Daughter & Her Family . She makes her promise to Stand by arohi in every path . & Lovedeep Promises .
In Jail , rudra & Mickeal Come to meet Arjun While His Happy To See Them …Rudra Start Taunting Arjun About His Dids : He Tells Him That That’s What Happen With The Person Who Love Their Family To Go Behind Their Love . RPS Tells Arjun That He’s Disappointed About The Fact That Arjun Didn’t Tell Him Anythinng About His Plans So He Could help Him.
RPS Says That He Never take arjun like his step-Son But today Arjun Has Made HiM A Step-Father For Sure, Its Why RPS Breaks All His Relations With Arjun & Leaves There A Shattered Arjun
Rajveer Listens All That . Arohi Crying In Her Room Remembering The Jugement Of Arjun.Someone Knock And Arohi Thinks Its Shefali So She Ask Her To Leave But Agaain It Knocks So She Goes To See & See that its Bua & nt shefali …Both Hugs
Arohi Tell Bua that she lose , their love lose the fight But Bua tells her that everything will be like before. Arohi says that she miss Her Daddu …Today she ,Romit ,shefali , sanchit , simmi are with her but she still feels alone coz the person who always show her the right path is missing .
Lovedeep tells her that when the things remain incomplete that means that the story is still not finish .. Arohi Desn’t understand so bua Show her All The important Things she forgot at home .
And The Most Important thing : AROHI’S DIARY Where KSA Wrote many things .
FlashBacks ***Arohi Remembers the day She Was Been Punished by her teacher While she was not in fault & The way Daddu explained her that Biggest mistake is to be quiet when you know who’s the Offending .KSA Made Arohi Promise That Won’t Ever suffer others mistake . Then Arohi Thanks Bua to make remember Her Promise To Daddu So She”ll Fight And Says That Its Time For the Story To Take A New Turn
Rajveer is tensed by the fact that RPS Talked To Arjun .He Thinks That Rudra & Arjun Are Making A Plan To Escape from jail . But He Promises That He Takes The responbality to Pay attention to that ..& Says that we won’t let Arjun Escape .He Adds that nobody will dare doing that
Arjun Talking to arohi and saying that she’s mad but arohi says that she not , nobody tries to understand .So She Says That She’ve Decide To Make HiM Escape from jail..Arjun says that he has left wrong paths & he won’t go there
Arjun tries to explain her that she can’t do that ..but she’s destinate to do that coz she cannot see him in this sitution …she tells him that she loves him & Arjun tells her that .He Won’t Let Her That Coz He Loves Her .
Arohi At Hospital To Meet KSA ..She Talks To Him And Doctor Comes & Asks Her If She Knows That Patiient in coma cannot listen to us So Why You come here & always talk to him ? She Says That you believe in Bhagwan but does bhagwan talks to you ?
No Naah ? So Its The Same For Her ..KSA Is Her God , and she knows that he can listen to her ..Doctor leaves ..Arohi Tells KSA That She Knows that she has taken a wrong desicion but its the only way ..
She’s breaking all laws to do justice ..She Hasn”t any other option :
Arohi & Rajveer Shooting to each other coz arohi comes to make arjun escape & Arjun Asking arohi to stop . Arohi Gets Shooted & Arjun Wakes Up …It Was A Dream
-The End-