Kashi – New Show Start on NDTV Imagine

The makers of Uttaran are coming up with a new show on NDTV Imagine, titled Kashi.

Kashi is the story of a little girl aged about five years who longs to study and work hard, but faces a hurdle in doing so, as she belongs to the lower caste. The story is set in the backdrop of Bihar. The show will be on air by next month.

Sources says, “Sai Devdhar will play the mother of the five year old girl Kashi. She plays a sweet but strong mother who supports her child in all aspects. Even though she is bound by the laws of the society, she has her own mind and can speak out when needed.”

We spoke to Sai Devdhar about her role and she said, “Yes, I am doing Kashi. I am coming back on TV after two years and it’s good to be back. The story is based on illiteracy, which still prevails in the remote areas of Bihar. I am playing the mother of a little girl Kashi played by a new girl Jannat who wants to study but can’t do so as they belong to the lower caste.”

Further Sai told media, “In these two years of gap, I was busy with my first film with AB Corp, and then I directed a film for children and participated in a Bengali dance reality show Chance By Dance.”

In the daily soaps, she was last seen on TV in Ek Ladki Anjaani Si with her husband Shakti Anand.

Watch Promo

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_OuZotnJlk&NR=1&feature=fvwp"]YouTube- Kashi (Thakur) - new show - comming soon -ndtv imagine[/ame]

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