I Am An Indian But These Make Me More.

When The Shampoo Bottle Seems To Be Over, I Pour Some Water In It, Shake It, And Use It For Another Bath.

For Me A Toothpaste Isn’t Over Until I’ve Entirely Flattened It Out And Started Rolling It Up From The Back.

I Buy Broccoli And Avocados For 300 Rupees, But Still Ask For Some Dhaniya Patta For Free.

I Don’t Just Recycle Gifts, I Recycle The Gift-Wrapping Paper Too.

I Worry About Price Of Gold Without Any Reason Of Buying It!

I Will Beat The Crap Out Of My Remote To Make It Work But Not Change The Battery

I Get So Disappointed If The Pani Puri Guy Doesn’t Give A Free Sukha Puri In The End When I Ask For One.

I Won’t Have My Breakfast And Starve Myself If I Have Been Invited For A Lunch Buffet.

When My T-Shirt Gets Old, I Use It As Night Wear, When It Gets Older, I Play Holi In It & Then I Use It As A Pochha.

I Ask For Extra Oregano And Chili Flakes From The Dominos Guy, So That I Can Use Them Later In Maggi.

Our Home Has Fine Bone China Crockery Which Is Used Only When Guests Visit.

Proud To Be Indian.