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Thread: Read this before posting anything

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    Default Read this before posting anything

    Hey All Members
    There are some rules that we ALL must follow.
    Please read the rules before posting in this section.

    Members seem confused on rules and what is and what is not allowed.

    Here are the rules.

    -No non veg obscene jokes are accepted. No double meaning jokes either.
    - No jokes about any particular religion allowed
    - No blond jokes! (How would you feel if you were laughed at coz of your hair colour??)

    No jokes about FC members.
    No Chatting/Spamming in this section.
    No use of foul language/vulgarity

    If you haven't noticed, whatever Obscene jokes we've seen have been trashed without giving a reason at all... If you'll continue, warnings will be issued and warning level can be raised, so be careful.


    So guys,
    Please read the rules, and any violation of the rules will result in action being enforced ad you can not say you did not know of the rules when these are clear.

    Also if you have any queries / questions / complaints / suggestions pleas e post it here...
    Your ideas / suggestions are always welcome.
    Also do not hesitate in pointing out if anything wrong is happening in this section.

    -FC Team.
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