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Thread: The humor of smart

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    Default The humor of smart

    Smart Train Driver

    A train got off rails, started running in fields all around and ultimately stopped. Inquiry was made. Driver was strongly rebuked and asked the reason.

    He explained "Well this idiot was standing right on the track of the train, was not paying attentions to horns, making vulgar funny gestures ridiculing me and not moving away.

    The inquirers angrily asked, "Well you idiot, you should have crushed and killed him rather than getting off track and risk so many passengers' life to save his."

    The driver said, "Sir, I wanted exactly to do that, I was angry at his vulgar gestures at me, so I raised the speed of the train to crush him. When train came closer, that **** got off tracks and started running in the fields and I started chasing to kill him as you said."
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    Default Re: The humor of smart

    ha ha ha ha ha good joke

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