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Thread: school jokes!!!

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    Default school jokes!!!

    Q. what do u say if u get in trouble for not doing your homework?
    A. You cant tell me off for something i didnt do

    Q. Why is math book so unhappy?
    A. Because its full of problems

    Q. what did the dog get when he graduate from school?
    A. A padigree

    Q. where do pencils go for vacations?
    A. pencil - vania

    Q. what do you get when you cross a cat, a dog and an A+?
    A. paws-itively purrr-fect

    Q. where do kids learn their ABCs?
    A. At LMN-tary school!

    Q.who made up fractions?
    A. henry the 1/8th!

    Q. what do pencils and jokes have in common?
    A. they are no good without point!!!

    Q.what happened to the plant in the math class?
    A. it grew square roots

    Q.why did the egg get thrown out of the class?
    A. it keeps telling yokes!

    Q.what did the alien say to the book?
    A. take me to your reader!

    Q.what did the pencil say to the paper?
    A. I dot my eye on you!

    Q.what is snake's favorite subjects?
    A. hisss-tory

    Q.Why did the school nurse run away?
    A. To catch a cold!!

    Q.what do elves do after school?
    A. Gnomework!

    Q. which triangles are coldest?
    A. ICE-soceles triangles

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