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Thread: [TUT] How to post/make a image

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    Default [TUT] How to post/make a image

    Hello, I will teach you how to post/make a image here at FilmiCityForums:

    How to make a Image:

    - View the picture you want to take a screen.
    - Press''''PrtScn (Print Screen) on your keyboard.
    - Press the windows key and open Paint. Paste your screen.
    - Cut your screen a bit so he is not too large.
    - Save it on your hard disk

    How do I place a screen or photo?

    - Go to a site dedicated to pictures upload (good sites are: or or
    - The following example is through
    - Click the Browse button

    - Look for the photo / screen you want to upload and double click it.
    - Click the large button to upload Now

    - Copy the link is to IMG Code for ''Direct Link for Layouts''

    - Paste this link in your message to the forum

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    Default Re: [TUT] How to post/make a image

    acchha hai

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    Default Re: [TUT] How to post/make a image

    Thanks for the post. very useful

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