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    Talking Gujarati Natak | Nami Gaya Ae Gami Gaya | HQ Video | Watch Online YouTube

    Nami Gaya Ae Gami Gaya (2009) [DUS]

    જીવનમાં 'સફળ' બનવું આસાન છે,
    પણ 'સરળ' બનવું મુશકેલ છે.

    Genere - Family Drama/Comedy
    Writer - Abbas Hirapurwala, Pankaj Trivedi
    Director - Manoj Shah
    Producer - Dilip Somaiya
    Cast - Kalpana Diwan,Sachi Joshi,Abhay Chandarana,Chitrak Shah,Jyothika Shah,Hormuz Chesan,Jigish Vyas,Prem Parmar,Niyati Joshi

    The story revolves around sixty-year old Gomti Bhatt, widow (played by Gujarati stage veteran, Kalpana Diwan) and her two sons, Vishesh and Rashesh. Vishesh is married to Sarita and they have a son called Deep.
    Rashesh is in love with a girl called Somya. She wants to get married to him. But the minute Rashesh comes to know that he will be deprived of the family fortune if he goes in for a love marriage, he abandons Somya. He is soon ready to be engaged to a NRI girl called Madhuri as suggested by his mother. To teach Rashesh a lesson, his girlfriend Somya also lands up in the house disguised as a maidservant.
    Slowly the mother comes to know about both her sons? plans of leaving her alone to settle down elsewhere, once they get their share of the father's wealth. A twist to the story comes in when the mother suddenly announces her plans of marriage to the Parsi manager who has been overseeing the administrative affairs of the business...
    Needless to say, many hilarious situations arise and the play is supposedly replete with one-liners mocking the so-called modern generation who are nothing but selfish in their lust for money.

    Part 1 : Watch
    Part 2 : Watch
    Part 3 : Watch
    Part 4 : Watch
    Part 5 : Watch
    Part 6 : Watch
    Part 7 : Watch
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