Cast:Sandeep Mehta, Sarita Joshi, Amit Suchak, Ankit Trivedi, Arvind Vaidya, Devyani Patel, Disha Wakani, Gayatri Rawal, Haresh Joshi, Jatin Mehta, Jay Bhatt, Jitu Mehta, Lali Thakkar

Mangala Trivedi single-handedly runs a spice shop and is well known as Masala Mami, Mangala has single-handedly raised her two daughters, Anushka and Shalaka after the death of her husband, Tribhuvan. Anushka's engagement to Rahul goes off smoothly after initial hiccups and everything is fine in Mangala's life, until the arrival of Tribhuvan. What will be Anushka and Shalaka's reaction to the sudden arrival of their father? Will Mangala's life undergo a tragic change?

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