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Thread: Happy Ugadi & Gudi Padwa!!!!

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    Default Happy Ugadi/Gudi Padwa!!!!

    FilmiTown Wish U A Very Happy Ugadi (Gudi Padwa)!!!!

    Ugadi Festival special story


    Ugadi marks the beginning of the New Year. This day is considered quite auspicious as new ventures are begun and people pray for prosperity of their business. While it is known as Ugadi in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh, Maharastrians call it Gudi Padwa.

    Everyone wakes up before the break of dawn and takes an oil bath. Then the decorations begin as the entrance of the house is adorned with fresh mango leaves and coconuts that signify general well being of the entire family. Floral designs are drawn on the ground and in front of the house to mark the beginning of the New Year.

    This day is celebrated with great fanfare as families and friends come together to enjoy the delectable Ugadi treats. Eating of a specific mixture of six tastes is a must as it symbolizes that life is a mixture of different experiences.

    In the year 2012, Ugadi falls on March 23rd.

    Symbolic Eating of a Dish with Six Tastes

    The eating of a specific mixture of six tastes, called Ugadi Pachhadi in Telugu and Bevu-Bella in Kannada,symbolizes the fact that life is a mixture of different experiences (sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, surprise) , which should be accepted together and with equanimity through the New Year.

    The special mixture consists of:

    Neem Buds/Flowers for its bitterness, signifying Sadness
    Jaggery and ripe banana pieces for sweetness, signifying Happiness
    Green Chilli/Pepper for its hot taste, signifying Anger
    Salt for saltiness, signifying Fear
    Tamarind Juice for its sourness, signifying Disgust
    Unripened Mango for its tang, signifying Surprise

    Gudi padwa is celebrated as New Year for the people of Marathi speaking areas like Maharashtra and Goa. This year in 2012 Gudi Padwa 2012 is celebrated on 23rdMarch 2012. Ugadi for Telugu speaking people in Andhra Pradesh and Kannada speaking people of Karnataka is same as Gudi Padwa for Marathi people. GudiPadwa 2012 is the beginning of Nandana Nama Samvatsar. Gudi Padwa falls on the first day of Chaitra month.

    Significance of Gudi padwa: Hindu festivals have got significance to seasons. Hindu festivals have significance related to rural economy like the cycle of crops and harvest. People believe that it on Gudi padwa day that Lord Brahma has created the universe. Some believe that Lord Rama has returned toAjodhyaafter winning over Ravan. Hindu Devotees inMaharashtrahoist Gudi (Bamboo Pole) by decorating with Padwa.

    Gudi padwa 2012 Celebrations: Rangoli designs are laid on the court yards and entrance of the houses. Hindu devotees take holy bath. Devotees cook delicious food and share with family and friends. Sri Khand is the sweet that is prepared and distributed.

    Gudi Padwa Recipe

    SHRIKHAND (Serves 4)

    I n g r e d i a n t s :
    2 cups sour yoghurt
    2 cups fresh yoghurt
    3 one half cups ground sugar
    4 tbsp sliced almonds and pistachios
    1 tsp cardamom and nutmeg powders

    one half tsp saffron one fourth tsp edible yellow color Mix both yoghurts and hang up in a piece of muslin. Drain out all liquid. Holding a fine cloth over a bowl, rub the hardened yoghurt or chakka through it, adding sugar alternately. When the mixture is ready, add all the other ingredients. Mix well, chill and serve with hot puris.

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    Default Re: Happy Ugadi & Gudi Padwa!!!!

    Nice Post Lehar ..... Wishing u a Happy Gudi Padwa !!!!
    Please Don't Forget To Appreciate Our Work!!
    FilmiTown Rocks!!!

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