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Thread: Happy Diwali To All!!!

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    Default Happy Diwali To All!!!

    Wishing Happy Diwali to everyone!
    Deepavali Valthukkal!!
    Shubh Diwali!!

    Diwali (Dipavali, Divali or Deepawali), also known as 'the festival of lights', is an Indian festival that brings a series of festivals with it. The people of all age groups and classes celebrate Diwali throughout India with equal zeal and enthusiasm. They put on new clothes and participate in the various activities that are related to Diwali celebrations. Diwali falls on the day of 'Amavasyaa' usually in the month of October or November. On this day, people light tiny diyas (earthen lamps) to illuminate their homes with bright light and create lovely designs all around their home with colorful rangoli art.

    Diwali is a five-day long festival, each day being significant in its own terms. The celebrations commence on Aswayuja Bahula Chaturdashi and culminate on Kartika Shudha Vijaya. The first day of this festival is called 'Dhan Trayodashi' or 'Dhanteras', wherein people worship Goddess Lakshmi and purchase utensils made of silver. The second day of Diwali is called 'Narak Chaturdashi', which is popular as 'Chhoti Diwali'. The third day of Diwali, which is also called 'Badi Diwali', is the main day of the celebrations of the festival. People perform Lakshmi Puja (worship of divine Goddess Lakshmi) on this day and offer prayers to her, to bless them with wealth and prosperity.

    The fourth day of Diwali is devoted to Govardhan Pooja (worship of Lord Govardhan Parvat). The fifth day of the Diwali is Bhai Dooj, the time to honor the brother-sister relationship. Bursting crackers, social gatherings, exchange of greetings, sweets and gifts with loved ones are also part of the festival. During the festival, people following Hinduism offer prayers, and worship their favorite deity. Worshipping of Goddess Lakshmi, worship of Lord Ganesha, worship of Mother Kali, worship of Lord Chitragupta and worship of Govardhan Parvat is considered very auspicious for the occasion.

    Deepavali 2011 Calendar

    24 October, 2011 - Dhanteras (Dhantheran/Dhantrayodashi/Dhanwantari Triodasi/Yamadeepdaan/Dhan Teyras)
    25 October, 2011 - Choti Diwali (Kali Chaudas, Narak Chaturdashi )
    26 October, 2011 - Main Deepavali / Baddi Diwali (Lakshmi Puja)
    27 October, 2011 - Padwa Puja & Govardhan Puja (Pratipat, Gudi Padwa, Annakoot )
    28 October, 2011 - Bhai Duj (Bhhaya Dooj, Bhai Beej, Dvitiya )

    Maa Lakshmi Aarti

    Jai lakshmi maataa, maiyaa jai lakshmi maataa
    Tumko nishadin dhyaavata, hara vishnu vidhaataa
    Brahmaani, rudraani, kamlaa, tu hi hai jaga maataa
    Surya chandramaa dhyaavata, naarada rishi gaataa
    Durgaa rupaa nirantara, sukha sampati daataa
    Jo koi tumko dhyaavata, riddhi siddhi dhana paataa
    Tu hi hai paatala basanti, tu hi shubha daataa
    Karma prabhaava prakaashaka, jaganidhi ke traataa
    Jis ghara mein tum rahati, saba sadaguna aataa
    Kara sake koii kara le, mana nahin ghabaraataa
    Tuma bina yagya na hove, vastra na koii paataa
    Khaana paana ka vaibhava, sab tumse hi aataa
    Shubha guna mandira sundara, kshirodadhi jaataa
    Ratana chaturdasha tuma hi, koii nahin paataa
    Aartii lakshmii ji ki, jo koii nar gaataa
    Ura aananda umanga ati, paap utar jaataa...

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    Default Re: Happy Diwali To All!!!

    Wishing Happy Diwali to all FC members :-)

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    Default Re: Happy Diwali To All!!!

    Happy Dhanteras,
    Happy Diwali,
    & Happy New Year to every one....
    Please Don't Forget To Appreciate Our Work!!
    FilmiTown Rocks!!!

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    Default Re: Happy Diwali To All!!!

    Happy Diwali to all FC members

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    Default Re: Happy Diwali To All!!!

    Hello filmicity members.

    I wish you all Happy Deepawali

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    Default Re: Happy Diwali To All!!!

    Wish u a very very Happy Diwali!

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