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Thread: Happy Maha Shivaratri Everyone!!

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    Default Happy Maha Shivaratri Everyone!!

    Your true nature is Shiva. And Shiva is peace, infinity, beauty and the non-dual One. Ratri means "to take refuge." Shivaratri is taking refuge in Shiva.

    Shivam, Shantam, Advaitam: Shiva means your very Self, your innermost core, the purest Self. Shanta is quiet, peaceful, very innocent. Advaita is non-dual, only One. So, Shiva means good, benevolent, Ratri means that which gives rest, takes you into its lap and comfort. Night is always comforting, all activities have stopped, everything is quiet, peaceful, environment becomes quiet, body gets tired, goes to sleep. Shivaratri -- a rest which is so deep.

    Any meditation we do on this day has a manifold effect, for this is the day when spirit touches the earth.

    If you meditate on Shivaratri the power of meditation is 100 times more. That which is always and which is, that is shiva tattva. Shivaratri is the day of Lord Shiva. Shiva is the lord of meditation and therefore the lord of awakening. Shiva Tatva means to be awakened.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Lingashtakam - Sacred Chants Of Shiva by Graig Pruess[/ame]

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    Default Re: Happy Maha Shivaratri Everyone!!

    thanks you too and hari om

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