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Thread: Hαρρy FαŧЋєя's Dαy

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    Smile Hαρρy FαŧЋєя's Dαy

    Happy Father's Day to all fathers around the world

    α Dαd is α ρєяsи
    wЋ is łviиg αиd кiиd,
    αиd ŧєи Ћє киws
    wЋαŧ yu Ћαvє и yuя мiиd.
    Ћє's sмєиє wЋ łisŧєиs,
    suggєsŧs, αиd dєєиds.

    α dαd cαи bє иє
    yuя vєяy bєsŧ яiєиds!
    Ћє's ρяud yuя ŧяiuмρЋs,
    buŧ wЋєи ŧЋiиgs g wяиg,
    α dαd cαи bє ραŧiєиŧ
    αиd Ћєłρuł αиd sŧяиg
    Iи αłł ŧЋαŧ yu d,
    α dαd's łvє ρłαys α ραяŧ.
    ŧЋєяє's αłwαys α ρłαcє я Ћiм
    dєєρ iи yuя Ћєαяŧ.

    ŧЋαик yu, Dαd...
    я łisŧєиiиg αиd cαяiиg,
    я giviиg αиd sЋαяiиg,
    buŧ, єsρєciαłły, я jusŧ bєiиg yu!
    Ћαρρy αŧЋєя's Dαy

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    nice post Archna!

    To all you cool Father's out there in FilmiCity!! Thanks for giving your children your life and filling their's with lots of love, fun, understanding, and a big hand when a little one needs it!
    And always being there for your childrens to help in life journey with all those dad kind of things......

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    Default Re: Hαρρy FαŧЋєя's Dαy

    very nice!!!!!

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