Hiya guys

I was looking for the 7th episode of MTV Girls Night Out Phategi since yesterday but nobody has posted it yet.

Those guys who put all their efforts by posting all these thing on your site, you guys are doing such a fantastic job. Don't think if nobody is commenting it means that we don't appreciate your work.

We do appreciate your work which you guys do for us but there are sometimes some circumstances in which its not possible to do the needful.

Seriously man, hats off to all you people who are do so much for us, like, Jaadugar, Lehar, Kushi, iRFank, all of them whosoever is related to this website.

So, don't take in the wrong way that we don't appreciate your work.

We do and we will be in future as well.

>> Don't forget to add that MTV Girls Night Out Episode (( SOON )) <<