Unique flora and fauna are part of Kerala, popularly known as ‘the God’s Own Country’. The Indian elephant that is much different from the non-domesticated African elephant is part of the Kerala landscape. They are the giant playboys of the evergreen forests in Kerala. These giant creatures are part of the folklore and the people of the state have a special affinity towards this animal. A major festival is not complete without the presence of these giants.

Especially for major festival occasions, since the elephant folklores are handed down since time immemorial, the organizers and even the participants insist on hiring the elephant often paying huge sums as rent. In Kerala the largest number of elephants are housed, well fed and taken care of in the district of Thrissur. In Guruvayoor town, these giant creatures are taken care of at exorbitant costs.

In Thrissur, a famous cultural festival used to witness the participation of more than 25 elephants in a particular vast open land area. The Thrissur pooram is known all over the country. Hundreds of domestic tourists used to frequent this place to understand the cultural diversity on offer. If you avail the services of the prominent travel agents Kerala state and the diversity on offer can be explored to its fullest. These operators will take you to this festival when you sign up for a particular tour package that is offered only during this part of the year.

Estimates show that more than 700 elephants are now in captivity in Kerala, which is mostly under the control of private players that can afford to take care of it. Until recent times, managing an elephant was wholly a male dominated affair. But very recently, some women have also made a foray into this profession. While drunken mahouts were seen to manhandle and provoke these giant creatures, the women mahouts handled these giant animals with motherly care. Elephants are also widely used for pulling logs of trees that are cut down in the remote inaccessible forest areas. In fact the presence of these giant animals has helped the loggers to do away with the heavy machinery that requires wide roads to be dug in the forests, which will result in the cutting down of a large number of trees just to take out the logs of one tree that has been felled.