Paradise On Earth Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is the southernmost political entity within the Pakistani administered part of the former princely state of Kashmir and Jammu. It borders the present day Indian controlled state of Jammu and Kashmir to the east Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to
the west, Gilgit Baltistan to the north, and the Punjab province to the south. Photography by Javed Mahmood (Safar Hai Zindagi).

Physically scythe shaped, the territory of Kashmir is dotted with a vast chain of scenic and natural beauty spots amidst flowing streams, gushing out springs and flowering plants. The mountain tops over the valley look like circular and rectangular caps.

The panorama is really enchanting. The valley rivals those of Kaghan and Swat in beauty and boasts of remarkable alpine scenery. It is bounded to the east by the line of control or (ceasefire line) with Indian held Kashmir and travel to foreigners is rather restricted.