Idar - The city surrounded by mountains

City: Idar
State: Gujarat
Country: India

Idar is a small town located in Gujarat (India). Idar is surrounded by the mountains. This maountains are the range of mountains called Aravalli. The Aravalli Range literally meaning 'line of peaks', is a range of mountains in western India and eastern Pakistan running approximately 800 km from northeast to southwest across states of Rajasthan, Haryana, and Gujarat and Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Sindh. It is also called Mewat hills locally.

Idar is 100 km from Ahmedabad. There are many ancient things in Idar like, King Palace, Jain Temples, Ruthi Rani Mahal, Tower, Khradi bazar, Rajchandra Vihar, Khokhanath Mahadev, Swaminarayan Temple, Kainath Mahadev, Ranmal Chowki, Jal Mandir, etc.