What is Ayurveda? You may easily answer in a short sentence, which talks about a traditional system of medicine originated in India. But such a definition will be a shallow one. Ayurveda is more a way of life than just a system revolving around medicine and treatment. It is a philosophy evolved from the experience and knowledge of the sages who lived thousands of years back.

Evolved through the knowledge of masters like Charaka, Susrutha and Vagbhata, Ayurveda became part of the every-day life of the Indian population. It grew exceptionally popular in one of the southern Indian States, Kerala, thanks to the geography and climate of the State which nourishes the growth of medicinal plants and herbs.

Ashtavaidyas, the famous eight practitioners of Ayurveda system, too contributed to its popularity and now Kerala has grown to become a major Ayurvedic destination. People from all over the world come to the State in order to undergo treatment or rejuvenation therapies in the renowned Ayurvedic centres here. While the Ayurvedic hospitals here offer treatment for the patients, Kerala Ayurvedic resorts often focus on the rejuvenation and preventive therapies. Many a kerala ayurvedic resort offers tailor-made Ayurveda packages, which can be fit into the travel schedules of the tourists. Such packages have become very popular as they conform to the demands and the convenience of the travellers.