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Thread: F.A.O Everyone who watches films here

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    Default F.A.O Everyone who watches films here

    Hey everyone.. I'm sure the admin/mods appreciate our gratitude's when we leave a 'Thank you' comment after watching a film. I've noticed there far too many Thank you post than comments about the actual movies.

    I have a small request if you can be bothered to write 'Thank you' how about a line or two after you have seen a film. I.E.

    *If its worth watching.
    *If the film/Story line is just rubbish.
    *What do you think of it etc.

    LolYou don't have to do this but it does help the next person who wants to watch something.

    F.a.o Admin/Mods apologies if this was the wrong section to make a thread & maybe 'sticky' this?

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    Default Re: F.A.O Everyone who watches films here

    you completely right, i believe in that. and i do too.

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