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Thread: Spectacular Time-Lapse GIFs of Flowers Blooming

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    Default Spectacular Time-Lapse GIFs of Flowers Blooming

    These breathtaking gifs of different species of blooming flowers are from a time-lapse video shot by Japanese artist Yutaka Kitamura. Entitled Touched by Strangers, the flowering gifs, whose original video is part of a performance art collaboration with Alexander Reeder, is taken and separated from its film format to highlight the profound beauty of a brief moment. The fleeting images of new life in the form of the budding flowers depict how transient life truly is.

    The gifs have been featured on Tumblr, accompanied by a few lines written by spoken word poet Shane Koyczan that reads: "I sit before flowers hoping they will train me in the art of opening up." The poem poignantly continues, "I stand on mountain tops believing that avalanches will teach me to let go. I know nothing but I am here to learn." These words add a deeper significance and beauty to the already amazing imagery.

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    Beautiful. The blue of that last one is amazing.

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